Thousands of Women to Repent for Racial Sins of America in Worship Rally on National Mall

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(Worthy News) - This weekend's worship festivities on the National Mall will culminate on Monday in the form of a day-long women-led worship rally in which people from all across the United States will be called to pray for a "Jesus Movement" to sweep the nation and foster racial reconciliation, gender equality, and for an end to abortion.

Thousands of women are expected to gather in Washington, D.C. for "Rise Up," a worship-focused revival calling on Americans to repent for the country's history of racial and gender-based injustices and for the country's embrace of abortion.

The women's worship rally comes just over 20 years after hundreds of thousands of Christians gathered on the National Mall on Oct. 4, 1997, for the male-centered Promise Keepers' Stand in the Gap rally. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Thousands of Women to Repent for Racial Sins of America in Worship Rally on National Mall”

  1. Yes, that would be an attempt to thwart generational demonic "strongholds" over the USA put in place by (some) white women's ancestors.

    That takes knowing and praying for The Blood of the Lamb (of Messiah) to come between them and any slave holders, racists, etc. That works for those women now living who actually are guilty of racism.

    But it takes knowing the power of the shed blood of Y'shua (Jesus) the Messiah (Christ) and faith in God's Word as to how it alone severs any demonic connections between the demonic and/or sinners and to wash away our sins.

    What we can not do is repent for others sins, only our own. Y'shua is the only one who could wear another's sins and cause them to be then washed clean.

    We can't get baptized for others either. Each one of us must stand alone before the Ancient of Days, the Holy One (of Israel) and give an account of (each his/her) own sins.

    However, it's still awesome and a great thing for Chavah to have shown her (and his) face openly in the USA while there is still time.

    Pray for all who exposed themselves to Satan and his those days.

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