Operation Bible Smuggling: How Christian texts infiltrate North Korea

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(Worthy News) - On the nights when the winds are light and the skies are dark, hundreds of helium-filled balloons are sent up and away from multiple points in South Korea, destined a few miles away and into North Korea. Only these are no ordinary balloons — they are considered “Bible Balloons,” adorned with the Words of God printed in Korean or flash drives featuring the entire texts of the Testament.

It is one of the few creative — and inherently dangerous — ways bibles are smuggled into the oppressive dictatorship in the hopes that impoverished North Koreans will know that they aren’t forgotten. Other activists, such as American pastor Eric Foley, have opted for a much larger hydrogen-fueled 40-foot balloon brimming with bibles and testimonials. These are then dropped into rural areas with the help of GPS technology, in the hopes that even just one will be picked up.

“Growth in Christianity does not happen in waves but always one at a time,” Foley — CEO of Voice of the Martyrs Korea — told Fox News. [ Source: Fox News (Read More...) ]

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3 thoughts on “Operation Bible Smuggling: How Christian texts infiltrate North Korea

  1. This is an answer to my prayers for this struggling nation and it's people!! Thank you for your commitment to delivering this worthy Christian news!!

  2. Isn't God creative still?

    It never ceases to fill me with joy the ways He is and still remains ever Creative.

    Thank you, Jesus!

    Do some more for our N. Korean brothers and sisters, to be, and for those who are.

    Prepare the whole world for when you finally take the Kims down and out. Do not let the junta fill leadership void. Magnify your people there. Save them, and magnify, with all mercy, so that we might have true stories of true persecution and how some stood and how other died, in You.

    Let it begin.

    We beg you Lord, Master, please do not allow the same as what has transpired in Russia, where the door opened and Protestant denominations, the 700 Club, sent in con men and con women, for the catholics (The Russian Orthodox) to end up once more the national church there instead, and true missions outlawed now.

    Take N. Korea and make it a model in real Gentile Christianity, for us all.

    Heal them Lord. Heal those people, let the true testimonies of your miracles done to sustain your gospel be known to all when it finally become safe for them to tell us.


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