'Our Country is in Trouble': Franklin Graham Says Only God Can Fix America

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(Worthy News) - On the last night of his Decision Texas Tour in Longview, Texas, Franklin Graham handed down a powerful warning about the state of America.

"Our country is in trouble," he said, adding that hatred and division is running rampant.

"The Republicans cannot fix our country. I don't care how much the President tries to drain the swamp. I think that swamp is just too big and too deep," he said. "The Republicans aren't going to be able to fix it. The Democrats aren't going to be able to fix it. The only person who can fix the problems of this nation is God. [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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4 thoughts on “'Our Country is in Trouble': Franklin Graham Says Only God Can Fix America”

  1. Well, better late than never.

    Thank God that Franklin is now on the same page as truth.

    No political party, now or old, liberal or conservative or somewhere in between, can save the USA.

    It's always been "only God" can save us. Only God can save you, or me, or Franklin or any of those now come to know the Messiah by way of the latest (true) Evangelist.

    And I'm glad Franklin is telling it true now, because he's become a pastor to pastors, whether he accepts the biblical title for that or not. Folks hear when he speaks whether they agree with all his views, opinions, or not.

    Next, let us pray he will notice that no country is any better than the people who inhabit it. Maybe it's more correct to say than them who are citizens inside of it. For the US, that means it's voters. Voters can take down anyone they want to.

    For example, it is because a majority in many states no longer believe abortion to be a decent option that our legislators can and are making inroads finally against their scourge. Even some hard core feminists are turning against that option with the expose of what's being done with fetal tissue.

    The only Way that the USA can be made right again is not by forcing everyone to accept Christmas Trees and Santa/Easter Bunnies (all pagan gods) and the name "Christmas vacation" or "Happy Holidays" each winter. God will and has and is judging that stuff already. All those things are Catholic, not Protestant and certainly not Messianic things.

    The Way for the USA to be set right and as God intended it, is for enough of the faithful (not idolaters) to "trust God" to be able to pick it up and reset it back onto proper foundations. If that means rewriting our Constitution with all it's amendments back into it as one big thing again, so be it. If it means putting in an amendment that precludes our US Supreme Court creating laws that do not yet exist, so be it.

    It has to be on God's terms.

    And it's time for England's (and Wales/Scotland) Throne's authority to be cut, so that the Throne with YHWH on it, no longer is being usurped here in the USA.

    Racism is still a problem, in some localities at least. Let's deal with it.

    Christmas isn't Christian, it's Catholic. Christians who wish to keep it, do so at their own risk. God will judge. Any Christian with no fear of the Lord, should repent of that one quickly. This isn't Catholic bashing, it's Christ affirming, it's Messiah is King! He grew up. He died. He rose. He is not some baby still in a manger so Mary can be focused on like nothing that holy honorable woman would have let happen if she were still here to know about it.

    Sure the angels sang when he came to earth for us.

    Just imagine how they sang when he returned Home to sit at the Right Hand of the Father of all that is seen and unseen.

    By the way, which day was that? A Thurs? A Friday? Why are we not celebrating that or would the Catholics pervert it also with the nearest pagan veneration, naing it after Mass or some other Isthar thing. Say Ishtar or by the other spelling, Ashtarte, three times real fast, that's how you get "Easter."

    What do we call the Day the Lord returned to his Father? Didn't the apostles give a name for that day? Or did they understand idolatry, and days of the Lord, better than that?

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