Five Church Leaders in Sudan Arrested after Refusing to Cancel Worship Service

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(Worthy News) - In an ongoing bid by the government of Sudan to take over leadership of the Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC), police on Sunday (Oct. 22) arrested five SCOC church leaders after they refused to comply with an order to refrain from worship, sources told Morning Star News.

Police officers arrived at the SCOC-Harat church in the Hai Al Thawra West area of Omdurman and ordered the Christians to cancel the worship service. Omdurman lies across the Nile River from Khartoum. When the church leaders refused, police arrested them, the sources said.

One source told Morning Star News that they were charged with disturbing the public before they were released late last night. Angry police spoke harshly to them during the arrest, threatening that they would not be released, the source said, but after questioning they were released at 11 p.m. [ Source: Morning Star (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Five Church Leaders in Sudan Arrested after Refusing to Cancel Worship Service

  1. The community of "called out" ones is not named "the Church" or a "Church." Christianity is not biblically named "the Church/Church."

    "She" had a name. It is Chavah, pronounced for those who can not form the Hebrew/Aramaic ch as Havah, instead (i.e. English speakers).

    As many NAR "apostles" and "prophets" have said, "there is no Underground Church." That is true. The Church and all Churches are not Chavah. Members of some churches are also members of Chavah. Chavah is her personal name just as the Messiah is called Jesus (personally) in English and Y'shua or Yehoshua in the tongue of his parents.

    Chavah is indeed underground, though hiding right "in the Light" as she walks (and her members) walk with Y'shua (or Jesus if you prefer that pronounciation better). There is only one true begotten Son of One True God.

    Let's start getting this right, for the Messianic time has begun and the time now called "the Church age" is over. That does not mean that "time of Gentiles" is over.

    How can someone honor and love and accept God's own Word come it the flesh is they do not even understand the meaning of these "words."

    Definitions make a difference.

    Perhaps if these groups being persecuted began to identify themselves, their groups of followers, and the actual Word of God who is The Way to the Father, their authorities would at least not be being allowed to catch them worhipping.

    Is there a law against silent worship? Together? As a group that is not a church?

    If they no longer trust in the Christ of their own Bibles, they are Apostates. It is just really that serious.

    The good part is that even apostasy can be forgiven. If only....


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