Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Trump Announces Designation of Opioid Epidemic as Public Health Crisis

Trump Announces Designation of Opioid Epidemic as Public Health Crisis

Friday, October 27, 2017 | Tag Cloud Tags: , , , ,

(Worthy News) - President Donald Trump announced plans on Thursday to combat the surging opioid epidemic in America, beginning a move that would free up resources and loosen regulations to help combat drug deaths, but falling short of his August promise to declare the the epidemic a national emergency.

"This crisis of drug use, addiction, and overdose deaths in many years, it's just been so long in the making. Addressing it will require all of our effort, and it will require us to confront the crisis in all of its very real complexity," Trump said.

Trump will instruct acting Secretary of Health and Human Services Eric Hargan to designate the opioid epidemic a "public health crisis," stopping short of designating it a "national emergency," as was recommended in July by the President's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, a blue ribbon panel chaired by Gov. Chris Christie (R., N.J.).

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Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Trump Announces Designation of Opioid Epidemic as Public Health Crisis

1 thought on “Trump Announces Designation of Opioid Epidemic as Public Health Crisis

  1. Well, now that Obamacare is making the country as a whole pay for:

    1. the malpractice of so many (the numbers are vast) doctors who say stupid stuff to people in great pain for whatever reason, like "other than opioids there really is only Tylonal or NSAIDs (Ibuprophen, Aspirin, etc)." I can think of at least 3 other classes of non-narcotic, non-controlled substance, prescription drugs myself. And I'm not even a health care provider. Too much Tylonal can seriously hurt your liver. Taking NSAIDs for too many years, or taking too much, can permanently harm your kidneys.

    This is why so many turn to the black markets for their pain relievers, because they are not getting proper prescribing when they do go to a doctors or ER for gross pain of whatever part(s).

    2. the malpractice of so many (the vast majority) doctors who never actually even bothered to look and see if it were true that there are only three previous options to treat pain. Doctor might have had to Google the subject once, spending maybe 10 minutes to learn what it take an aged person now 30 or more years to find out by changing docs every time they turn sadistic on you.

    Again, this results in people in terrible pain which is not relieved by aspirin or Ibuprofen or Motrin or Tylonal, the OTC's (over the counter) turning to the illegal drug sales for their pain relievers and getting pain relief but also addicted instead.

    3. the malpractice of doctors who prescribe opioids correctly but then never do any follow-up to make sure it's monitored for them whose pain is "intractable" (meaning never ending) and/or those whose pain was acute but temporary (i.e. broken bones, hip replacements).

    Once addicted, people often go to great lengths to get what their bodies are now addicted to, and that often means by illegal methods. If there were not a market for opioids outside of Pharmacy, no one would be buying them. If no one buys then, who can sell it?

    4. the malpractice of so many Pain Management specialist doctors who just plain don't mind addicting vast numbers of patients to opioids because then they (believed, like Psychologists/Psychiatrists) that they have insured to themselves great incomes for doing little for the rest of their lives (talk about people with entitlement issues).

    That's a whole lot of malpractice that the US government no longer wishes to pay for - unreimbursed. Because unregulated opioids often kill, and someone still has to pay the Medics and Ambulances and ER's and ICU's that tried to save him/her. As well as bury them if they've spent all their assets on drugs.

    That's what this is really all about.


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Worthy Christian News » U.S. Headlines » Trump Announces Designation of Opioid Epidemic as Public Health Crisis