Fukushima Melted Uranium Discovered 6 Years After Nuclear Disaster

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(Worthy News) - More than six years after the nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant, workers finally discovered the location of melted uranium fuel rods inside of one of the reactors. The rods melted during the 2011 disaster, making it near-impossible to determine where the liquefied material ended up.

The melted uranium was found using a shoe-box sized robot known as “Little Sunfish.” The machine was sent inside the defunct plant armed with a video camera to send footage back to workers outside. Three days into its mission, the robot sent back video of a hole at the bottom of the Unit 3 reactor with the melted fuel beneath it, the New York Times reported.

“Until now, we didn’t know exactly where the fuel was, or what it looked like,” Takahiro Kimoto, a general manager in the nuclear power division at Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco), told the New York Times. “Now that we have seen it, we can make plans to retrieve it.” [ Source: IBT (Read More...) ]

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  1. The Fukushima disaster occurred on the east side of Japan.
    If it had occurred on the west side of Japan, Japan would have done much more and quicker to solve the problem since the radiation would have spread the greatest over Japan. As it is, the greatest portion of radiation went off into the waters of the Pacific and through the air to the U.S. ....... so who in Japan the hell cares .......... they weren't going to get hit worst by it.
    And perhaps Japan considers it payback for what the U.S. did to it in WW2.

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