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Urgent Message On Behalf of Turkish World Outreach

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"Things here are not looking too great now and we may not be able to stay here much longer. There are already some problems that we are definitely aware of here," wrote the correspondent.

"The local pastor has been forbidden to carry out his work and may soon be sent back to his hometown by certain city leaders. He felt his heart leading him to this small place, but the attack by the enemy has begun and he has been struck as a target. He was also questioned about the family for which I work. As the lady of the family is actually a local she has attended some of the church meetings here and has helped the church grow. The pastor called to warn this family that he had been asked lots of questions about her...how he knows her, what she's doing here, etc. We also know now that this family is being followed almost 24 hours a day," the correspondent said.


The correspondent continued: "Also, any others we have contact with have been questioned. My friends also know that my phone or walls are wired, so I have to be very careful. We are taught to always think they are wired, but we know for sure that my place is. Right now we are trying to clean up our places in case people come to search them. We need to hide any materials we have that may cause problems. I was also given a computer program today on which I can hide files and which would make it very difficult for people to get into. I have to get it installed today or tomorrow and put in it anything that might cause problems.


"We are really under heavy attack here by the enemy and all the brothers and sisters are feeling it. Many have become sick, others are discouraged, and some are afraid now -- especially to be with us foreigners. If the family I work for gets kicked out, that will probably drag me out too. They should not be able to have anything against me, as in this city I have done nothing that should get me in trouble, but since I am a foreigner and am associated with this family, if they go, I probably do too. We all love this place and don't want to go.


"Please share this news with your pastors, churches, and all your brothers and sisters in Christ. Ask them to pray for us during this time. We really need to be bathed in your thoughts right now. The struggle is real and strong and Satan seems to have a foothold. There used to be many believers in this region, but they were severely persecuted and died out. This is a great battlefield for the souls of people and the battle has continued for many years.


"Just as it seemed good things had started to happen again, Satan is attacking in full force. You all are our prayer warriors. Your prayers are the front line defense. We are too few here, so we need you to strengthen us, to lift us up, to lift up the people and situation here up to our Father."

Please pray:

1. for blindness to the eyes of those trying to gather evidence against us.

2. that the local people will not get in trouble because of associating with us; we can only be kicked out, but they can suffer persecution much greater than us and it is frightening to them.

3. that the "investigation" will die out and we will be left alone.

4. for the pouring out of the Holy Spirit over this place.


The correspondent added: "I will try to keep you updated as I can, but sometimes things are kept hidden and then just pop up on us. I will be leaving in a couple of weeks to do some traveling over our break here as will most of the other Americans. We are really ready to get out for a break and from the darkness here. We don't know how long this whole thing could drag out or what the result could be; this we leave in God's hands."

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Urgent Message On Behalf of Turkish World Outreach

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Urgent Message On Behalf of Turkish World Outreach