Russia, China call Trump’s ‘America First’ approach Cold War thinking

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(Worthy News) - President Trump’s new national security blueprint labeling Russia and China “strategic competitors” struck a nerve in Moscow and Beijing, with both criticizing the “America First” approach as isolationist and reminiscent of Cold War-style posturing by Washington.

A day after the new blueprint’s release, a Kremlin spokesman said Russian leaders were struck by its “imperialist character,” while the Chinese government called it “completely selfish for a country to claim that its own interests are superior to the interests of other[s].”

“This mentality will only lead to isolation,” said a statement posted on the website of China’s embassy in Washington. “On the one hand, the U.S. government claims that it is attempting to build a great partnership with China. On the other hand, it labels China as a rival.” [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Russia, China call Trump’s ‘America First’ approach Cold War thinking”

  1. Balance is a good thing.

    Being balanced is preferrable for all human beings.

    Wisdom, God's wisdom, has borders, as the whole Book of Proverbs as well as Ecclesiastes clearly tells us.

    First a son is told to avoid adulteresses, then in other places he is told not to judge. Well, which is it?

    Be balanced in all we do and think.

    China saying those things about the USA is the pot calling the kettle black. The same with Russian right now.

    Do you never shut the door to your home? Do you never lock it? Do you not make sure that your own children and relatives have enough to eat and roofs over their heads before you go and drum up support to do the same for your neighbors?

    Trump is right, it is time for the USA to pay attention to a safe and secure USA, mostly because it isn't. It isn't safe, it is not secure, it does not provide even the basics for it's most vulnerable peoples living inside the USA's borders.

    When we get this right (if that ever happens again) it may once more be time for the USA to have a house-warming and do an Open House again. But it can't be just all the doors thrown wide open with no one guarding we who live and have lived in the USA all our lives.

    There is a balance. Trump is right, right now.

    Russian and China would nothing more than for the USA to become overrun with refugees, esp the ones China and Russian do not want inside their borders.

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