Pennsylvania governor vetoes 20-week abortion ban

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(Worthy News) - Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill Monday that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The bill, passed by the state's Republican-controlled legislature last week, is a "vile assault on women's ability to make their own decisions about their own health care," Wolf, a Democrat, said at a press conference.

Under current Pennsylvania law, abortions aren't permitted after 24 weeks, but there are exceptions if the life of the mother is endangered. [ Source: The Hill (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “Pennsylvania governor vetoes 20-week abortion ban”

  1. If a woman doesn't want her female body, and the inherent risks to it (of getting pregnant) for being sexually active (there is such a thing as contraception, you know), she can change it. "She" can save up and get it changed now (in the USA and other "first world" countries) into an It or trans all the way into a male body, or any combination along the way.

    Surgical options do exist for the woman who doesn't want the responsibility that goes with sexual activity.

    Or course, that doesn't cover for the pedophile who rapes, or the just plain rapist who rapes. It doesn't cover for the parents who fail to teach their children about the consequences of incest or to protect them sexually.

    What abortion does, most of all, is cover up the sins of abusers. Adults who fail to protect their kids, or the adult teachers who look the other way, ignoring gross signs of abuse...the list is quite endless.

    Adoption, like the poor, will most likely always be with us. And responsible adoptions are the win-win solution to much that is now dealt with via abortions instead. There is no excuse for making the most innocent, the most vulnerable, pay with their very lives via the most horrible bloody human sacrifices (late term aborted infants are pulled out of the womb piece by piece, alive). Yet, we scream about ISIS atrocities? Mostly because it's illegal to air the average abortion on TV, that's why.

    Few abortions are "necessary" to save the life of the mother. Even the most die-hard Pro-lifer often vacillates over those few situations. It's best if we do leave some decisions up to God and the parents and their doctor. The rest, is murder most foul.

    This Governor will answer to the Almighty One for what his veto causes. His place in hell will be a special one. Do not be deceived. God can and does and will forgive such as this Gov. but only if his repentance is real. And only if it's done before his time on this earth ends. Only God knows when that will be.

    And God will judge.

    Justice will be served. One way (by repentance), or the other (eternity in hell), Justice will be served.

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