Democrats confident they can win government shutdown fight

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(Worthy News) - The federal government barreled toward a partial shutdown Monday as the Democrats in Congress dug in their heels in a battle of political wills with President Trump and his Republican allies on Capitol Hill.

The Democrats are demanding relief from deportation for illegal immigrants who participated in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program as part of a deal to keep the lights on in Washington. It’s risky; the party in the White House tends to win shutdown fights, as Republicans learned in 2013 and previously.

But the Democrats are confident. They are convinced the uproar over Trump’s denigration of immigrants from Haiti and certain African nations by referring to them as coming from “shithole countries” has given them the upper hand in the debate. [ SourceL Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Democrats confident they can win government shutdown fight”

  1. Democrats are confident of all sorts of things, like Hillary against Trump, for one thing.

    Seems that our President Trump is very good at one thing...

    Throwing confusion at our enemies.

    It's kinda fun to watch how unpredictable he is.

    He's not worse than Hillary would have been.

    And now that Oprah is in line to challenge the GOP's next run,
    Hillary isn't the worst.

    Oprah prays to "the Ancestors."

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