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Prayer supporters sought for young native missionaries

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May 22, 2001
A new concept in supporting native missionaries from around the world has just been introduced by XtremeMissionsTM, a division of Christian Aid Mission. Called "The Xtreme Team," this concept enables college-age believers to receive exclusive monthly reports from similar age missionaries in foreign nations.

"The Xtreme Team is reaching out to young Christians who will commit to pray daily for an indigenous missionary who is about their age," says Rick Brown, president of Christian Aid. "We are looking for young men and women who love the Lord and want to be part of His work around the globe."

Brown says the Lord is using younger missionaries-those in their late teens and early twenties-to reach out to the lost in their own generation, whether they are college students, dropouts, prostitutes, church members, prisoners, workers, or drug addicts.

"Xtreme Team members see the big picture," says Brown. "They see that God is using His younger native missionaries to preach the good news of Jesus Christ."

The first missionary being featured is Tu, a 20-year-old from Thailand. She is the youngest daughter of a native missionary couple in that Southeast Asian country.

"I share the gospel with the students in the university and the youth around the church who don't know Jesus," Tu reports. "Every Saturday, I go out and share the gospel one-on-one. I have lots of chances to talk with people the same age as me. I also bring the good news to women trapped in prostitution and to those in prison." Twenty-five prostitutes recently became Christians thanks to Tu's ministry.

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Prayer supporters sought for young native missionaries

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Worthy Christian News » Christian » Prayer supporters sought for young native missionaries