'The new normal': With a school shooting every 60 hours, US faces grim reality

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(Worthy News) - Bill Bratton, the former New York police chief, has called it the "new normal".

The deadly gun rampage at a Florida high school on Wednesday took to 18 the number of school shootings across the United States so far this year - an average of one school shooting every 60 hours.

Mr Bratton said the statistic was "astonishing", but admitted that it was "the new normal".

According to the independent Everytown for Gun Safety group, eight of the 18 school shooting incidents so far this year, which cover primary schools to universities, involved guns being discharged with no one injured. [ Source: UK Telegraph (Read More...) ]

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7 thoughts on “'The new normal': With a school shooting every 60 hours, US faces grim reality”

  1. President Trump should quickly find solution to these gun shooting in America because is to much ranpant. Be a safety concious to life

    • From your fingertips to God's heart.

      Because a true miracle is the only way that's gonna happen.

      In Wasilla, Alaska, they do the annual Gun Show's IN the local
      public high school, there.

  2. The violence of school shooting is satanic. We grieve with the parents, and pray it will never happen again: but - we need to know the facts. The Left wants to stir up fear, feed the anti-2nd Amendment frenzy, and take guns away from law abiding citizens so they can run the country unopposed. To do this they spread lies and half-truths, as cited in the article above. Do the research! If a gang shooting or a drug deal gone bad or a suicide takes place at at school parking lot, it is classified as a "school shooting." If a husband or ex-husband attacks his wife or ex-wife while she is at her job, but not a single student is harmed, it is a "school shooting". It is not Columbine or Sandy Hook - and should not be lumped in with these demonic psychopaths who want a big body count. Israel arms their teachers, and in many decades no students have been killed. No student has taken the gun away from the teacher as the Left fears would happen. Rather: potential killers avoid schools all together! Let's train our teachers, arm our schools, and school shootings, as in Israel, will become a thing of the past.

  3. America has become a nation of accepted violence. From video games to movies to the internet. We are getting closer and closer to the days of Noah when violence is constantly on people's minds.

    • America has not 'become" a nation of accepted violence, it's always been a nation of accepted violence. What we did used to have was some justice and law enforcement. That rarely happens now. The USA has always been a nation of abuse and violence of whatever group (think races) abusers could get away with hurting. This kid just won himself free room and board for the rest of his life. I doubt it's that much different than what he's had up to now.

      The police there now are saying they wish they had the right to have someone like that "kid" (19 yrs old) involuntarily committed back then he first was obviously violent and antisocial. While "antisocial" is a two edged sword in the USA (it's used as badly as for good) there's no reason he couldn't have been involuntarily committed, at least for a formal evaluation. The police do it all the time, in all the US States. And the Community there did report him, lots of times even to the FBI tip line.

      The whole world is getting more and more like in Noah's time, not only the USA, think Sudan, and Nigeria, N.Korea, Burma, and so many other places that outright pick on Christians while some kill them outright. We still hardly ever hear of the longstanding persecution of Christians in the USA (mostly by Psychology and it's ilk). It was when Psychology trumped Christianity and Judaism in the USA that justice went out the door. Killers deserve it, the rest don't.

  4. "Christianity and Judaism" As a Christian am telling you to stop being a Pharisee, Judaism shall and will never save anyone. With true authority in the bible, I tell you this, no one that practices Judaism is making it to heaven. Only those that have accepted the Lord Jesus as personal savior. Maybe Jesus made his second coming and the rest of us Christians did not get the memo. Stop spreading lies and repent.

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