Nerve agent attack: Dozens of Russian diplomats expelled across globe

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(Worthy News) - More than 130 Russian diplomats have been ordered to leave capital cities across the globe, as the West unites behind Britain over the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

Some 60 Russians are to be expelled from the US, while suspected intelligence officers in Canada, Ukraine, Australia, Albania, Macedonia and a number of EU states will also be ejected.

Forty-eight of those being kicked out of the US are attached to Russian diplomatic missions and the other 12 are accredited to the United Nations in New York. [ Source: Sky News (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Nerve agent attack: Dozens of Russian diplomats expelled across globe”

  1. Well, it's not Britain who has been buzzing (even dangerously close) to our latest F series jets in Alaska. Russia has been doing the same to Sweden and having their subs pass close to the UK also.

    There's no reason for the USA to side against it's allies when the subject is Russian abuse of power.

    The problem is that we do the same all the time. So, expecting Russian and Putin to understand all the dust up over them killing off one and his daughter (whom they believe is their own), is kinda childish.

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