States scrambling to avert Obamacare sticker shock after Dems balk at stabilization effort

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(Worthy News) - Congress failed to tamp down Obamacare premiums in last week’s spending bill, shifting the burden onto states, where governors and legislatures are facing growing pressure — but few good options — to bring down rates before companies finalize their 2019 prices.

Politicians at all levels of government are fearing another round of sticker shock for consumers this fall as insurers jack up prices, blaming both the original 2010 health law and the moves Congress and the Trump administration have made to undercut it in the years since.

Capitol Hill had a chance to lower rates with a stabilization bill Republicans had hoped to attach to last week’s spending package. But Democrats balked, and Congress likely missed its last chance to act before the new rates are set. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “States scrambling to avert Obamacare sticker shock after Dems balk at stabilization effort”

  1. ObamaCare has become the slave of the USA's AMA.

    State Medicaid plans manifest differently in each State. However, some things are true for it all across the board. Such as prescriptions can be filled for only 30 days at a time, which wastes everyone who is involved time. Using self-pay with discount coupons renders the cost for 90 day prescriptions for the same drugs only $3-$20 more than no copay at all. Yet state's Medicaid pay hundreds for each one, usually, anyway.

    It's not the patient that is being subsidized, it is the AMA way. And that is the way it is, because the AMA is ruled by the APA holding all those non-Psychology/Psychiatric doctors and prescribers hostage to their extortion, blackmail and will. Someone has to pay for all that, hence the Insurance industry.

    Many State Medicaid plans automatically let the Insurance company assign a Case Manager to each person on their roles, who orchestrate the patients care, travel, appts, prescription pickups, and acts as go-between (between the health care providers and the patient). We used to call that a Primary Care Provider. Not any more. Now it's the person no one but the Case Manager and doc's nurse who gets to talk to the actual physicians. Anything to keep those pesky patients from communicating directly with their PCP's who no longer are what their title says they are.

    And ObamaCare insists it all gets paid for.

    No wonder the cost to "provide" such nonsense only grows.

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