Congress releases every Russian Facebook ad that ran during election

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(Worthy News) - House lawmakers released the thousands of Facebook ads Russian operatives used to sow division in the U.S. before and after the 2016 election, ranging from blatant political messages to lighthearted memes.

Why it matters: Americans have heard for months about the Russian ad campaign — from political leaders, the media and office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller — but they haven’t been able to see its full breadth until now.

The release of more than 3,500 ads, which appeared on both Facebook and Instagram, shows in sweeping details what the campaign looked like and how it was targeted at unsuspecting Americans. [ Source: Axios (Read More...) ]

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4 thoughts on “Congress releases every Russian Facebook ad that ran during election”

  1. Of course, the U.S. doesn't do this sort of thing. We're above that. And the CIA doesn't really assassinate people for regime changes in other countries. And the FBI did not really murder Levoy Finicum in cold blood. And the FBI didn't murder Martin Luther King. And .... etc.

    • How many people do you know on the left will see something on a meme and thinks it’s the truth. Proof is this entire year. When asked how did trump collude not one person could answer not one.

      People on the right will use memes of what they think to express it.

      If Facebook had any impact to me, it was on the left. How else could you not see Hillary campaign was she was a woman! That’s it!

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