U.S. Warns Iran After It Moves To Step Up Uranium-Enrichment Capacity

(Worthy News) - The United States warned that Washington will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons after Iran announced plans to increase its uranium-enrichment capacity.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued the warning on Twitter late on June 6, saying, "We're watching reports that #Iran plans to increase its enrichment capacity. We won't allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon."

Pompeo added that "Iran is aware of our resolve." [ Source: RadioFreeEurope (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “U.S. Warns Iran After It Moves To Step Up Uranium-Enrichment Capacity”

  1. Gee, maybe certain E.U. nations are helping Iran just to counter the U.S. Merkel has already said that the U.S. is no longer an ally of the E.U. Maybe the E.U. wouldn't mind so much if Iran DID attack the U.S. ..... even though the U.S. would win any such conflict ..... it could turn world opinion against the U.S. Maybe Merkel IS a Hitler clone after all. Here's a picture of Merkel with Adolf.

    you have to admit, there's an amazing resemblance, could it be they're related?

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