From Ottawa to Berlin, world leaders pressured to stem refugee surge

(Worthy News) - President Trump had something in common with the other world leaders at the NATO summit in Brussels — an immigration emergency on their doorsteps.

The illegal immigration and border security crisis that tops Mr. Trump’s domestic agenda is part of a worldwide migration surge that is roiling governments across the Northern Hemisphere.

From Canada to Mexico to Britain and throughout Europe, governments are under pressure from their citizens to turn back a flood of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants who cross the border illegally. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “From Ottawa to Berlin, world leaders pressured to stem refugee surge”

  1. Governments under pressure from citizens to stop - after the very same governments created an environment welcoming illegal immigrants at public expense - literally
    The leadership of such "Welcoming Governments" that allowed the problem to develop and who now complain of Public pressure to stop seem to self identify as being mentally deranged rather than resign for their folly .

  2. When we would see all the seabirds make for their nests in an almost hard not to notice effort, we realized a big storm was coming and it was time to return to port. This is usually when the fish started biting the best or feeding up before the storm enticing many to wrongly stay. We can learn many things from nature if we but take the time to apply them. Hard times are coming, it's already on the horizon!

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