Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Are Under Siege in the US

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(Worthy News) - United States Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke is under fire for criticizing a law that allows faith-based adoption agencies to turn away same-sex couples.

He told a crowd at a rally in Austin, Texas there are "30,000 kids in the foster care system β€”a foster care system so under-resourced that recently kids were sleeping on top of or underneath the desks in CPS (Child Protective Services) officesβ€”in this state, they say that under the guise of religious liberty that you can be too gay to adopt one of those children who needs a loving home."

O'Rourke was referring to a 2017 law called House Bill 3859. The law prohibits religious agencies from being "required to provide any service that conflicts with the provider's sincerely held religious beliefs." [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Are Under Siege in the US”

  1. There are no real "Faith Based Adoption Agencies." Let's get this one real straight, in the first place. The real problem is that adoptive parents (prospective or otherwise) for kids from State foster systems must pass through Psychological tests. To become an Adoption Agency, Psychology, which is the national belief system of the USA now, not Judeo-Christianity, must be adhered to.

    When prospective parents are dealing with adoptions and agencies born out of the Christian "The Focus on the Family" movement in the USA, all must comply with the overarching US National Belief System. There isn't a National Religion in the USA? Yeah, we all know that. It's a National Belief System instead. Same, same. That is what all Behavioral Health and Mental Health (the precursor to BH) come to us from. There IS a codified National Belief System in the USA.
    What Dr. James Dobson sold us was Schizoprenia; What Dobson and Minirth & Meier sold Christians the world over is "double minded"ness. For money. Minirth & Meier do not treat people (Christian or not) for free. Dobson sold his books. The New Covenant Book of James, Chapter 1, verse 8 (which reads the same in every Bible version there is) says, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." See, "Prophets of PsychoHeresy I" and/or "Prophets of PsychoHeresy II, both by EastGate, Authors Martin & Deidre Bobgan.

    Worse, and to a much larger degree, for people to just qualify as Foster Parents in the USA, they must throw over all their faith, once delivered to the saints, in Jesus Christ (Y'shua HaMashiach) and/or his God and Father (which is what Judaism is about), embracing Psychology instead, as "the (new) way, the truth and the life." The consequences for children are nothing less than a sheer horror. Who needs ISIS?

    There is one and only one common denominator between Psychology and following Jesus, the Christ (Christianity). It is at The Book of James (NT) in Chapter 1, at verse 8 and it is called "double-minded"ness. The same is true if the prospective or foster parents are Messianic (Messiah following) or (the Messianic kind of ) Nazarene, for Christianity and Messianic, and (Messianic) Nazarene, are all names of those who follow the Savior/Messiah come, crucified, and Risen, Alive forever more.

    Regardless of the name of it, the two ologies only war with each other, inside the mind of them who accept both, until one wins out. Or the mind is destroyed (or the marriage is destroyed?). There is no peace and Minith & Meier, as well a Dr. Jame Dobson, now "Christian Counselors" galore, make quite a plenteous living off of the mental discord in the minds of those who try to reconcile both in one mind, in one family.

    Christianity's and Messianic Judaism's own "James, the Elder," identified it in James 1:8, saying, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." (KJV). Psychology simply uses a Greek name for it calling it "Schizophrenia" instead. That includes now all it's ill begotten children, all it's other "schizo" affective disorders. Freud and Jung were nothing if not the consummate plagiarists. Freud, being Jewish by birth and nurture, may have missed noticing that "New Testament" verse but Jung knew it, his father was a Protestant preacher and he a PK (Preacher's Kid).

    As an original member of Freud's little weekly fellowship circle and remaining so until he could no longer deny spiritual realms existence, Jung knew all these things too. Unfortunately, Jung, rejecting the monotheists (one god) faiths, he instead recognized all else spiritual, becoming an occultist. Freud remained an Atheist, and therefore the two split. Sorta describes the state of the USA right now too, fractured.

    Every bit of their new baby, Psychoanalysis, was taken from (up to then) Philosophies and/or Mesmerism. Sigmund Freud was first of all a Mesmerist (Hypnotist), then he turned his attention to Philosophy and Philosophies. That's what Atheists do, they must find some order to a world of chaos. Even today, Philosophy, though it is still theory, is taught as a science, and often (still) separate from, even Psychology, at the highest levels of college/universities round the world; though in the USA Psychology has merged (taken over) many Philosophy Depts.

    What does that have to do with adoption? Everything. Prospective adoptive parents, and more so, foster parents, are screened using Psychological testings. The same as all US (and other nations) law enforcement are hired only after passing Psychological tests. Look how well that is working. Any teenage black boys killed today for carrying a cell phone in his pocket? Any black men pulled over today for driving a car "too rich" for them? For looking for their key while standing at the door of a home they could not possibly afford (in the prejudiced persons mind)? How many US foster parents today, sold, or pimped, or beat, a child under there care? Umm, no one is counting? Yes, that right, no one is counting "how many."

    Then, it gets worse.

    When only those who will adhere to Psychology can foster kids in their homes; when only those who will become complicit with Psychology and it's "salvation by (Psychotropic), talk "therapy" and/or "drugging" can adopt, Christ-followers can't. True followers of Jesus, the real Christ (Messiah), usually can't even get approved of to do foster parenting, let alone adopt, because real Christians do not mix their beliefs with those of demons and/or Athiests.

    Now that the US Supreme Court has been washed and abortion is almost ready to be overturned, look at what we have prepared for the unborn?

    A lion's den.

    It is as if, pregnant, the new parents have prepared no home, no safety, not even a blanket to cover the baby. Certainly, no milk of human kindness.

    But we should quibble about whether gay parents can not the job well or not? Well, if they take good care of their ferrets, their cats, their dogs, and have a roof over their heads, it's more than most Christians/Messianics are accomplishing today.

    The USA isn't prepared for Roe v Wade to be overturned. It doesn't even have safe or Christian/Messianic foster homes for children to go into. There's lots that call themselves Christian Foster homes/parents but they are shams. Why even argue about gay (adoptive) parents? Or single parent adoptive homes?

    While Dr. James Dobson was viewing porn with members of the US Senate to help them decide where to draw the lines (that's hard to even write with a straight face) as to what is porn, and what isn't; that really must have been quite the party. Who was defending the rights of wives abused by their own husbands to not be forced to testify if they wanted it to stop? Who was, or is, upholding those traditional values? I mean, who was defending, who IS defending yet, the rights of Wives to not be forced to testify against their own husbands and so destroy their own marriages?

    Like those'll make good foster homes? Like those two spouses will now ever adopt any children? Or even qualify? Ever hear of forgiveness? Wives so injured by abusive husbands needed medical care, not reprogramming. Those marriages needed healing, not destruction. Children, as now, needed parents. Husbands who abuse their wives need/needed discipline. If that means jail, then off to jail he should go, have gone - not set "free" by forcing wives (spouses) to "do-it-yourself" divorce so abusers could just then go find themselves a new victim to scapegoat (like Adam and Eve and the snake in the garden).

    Satan created this mess. He used/uses human beings to be complicit with him and his too.

    This is not rocket science, yet, the USA just let's it's own Treasury (see Obama care coverages) be raped to pay for the rise and Thrive-ing of Psychology and it's lucrative offspring, PsychoAnalysis.

    While children, infants, and now the unborn will, and do suffer it most.

    Nothing yet prepared for Roe v Wade to be overturned.

    Well, nothing in the USA is yet prepared. In the UK PsychoAnalysis is ramping up it's engines big time. It's invaded the British royal family. It's convinced first Prince Harry that it is "the way, the truth, and the life" for mental health because no one else listened to his need to be listened to. Maybe Wills did, but then Wills needed some of the same listening to, also. Neither boy (for that's what they were then) was nurtured properly after the divorce of their parents and death of their mother. Queen Elizabeth II, angry that the world forced her to show her face in mouring for the death of Diana, their mother, made those boys "walk the plank" too. Long before either was ready. It scarred them. It was too much. The Queen took it out on children in her own family and so far, has never repented of it.

    The result is both boys, now men, one her own heir (as soon as Charles kicks the bucket, and he complicit with what was done even now to those sons of his) were left to solve their own pain. Wills found a way outside of Psychology, Harry did not. And that's all it took, an In. Now all of them do the advancing for Psychotherapy. It will take down the UK and many other nations as it is and has taken down the USA. Martin Bobgan even prophesied this would happen (way back in 2008, publicly) and so it has.

    Psychology, like Abortion, sees the writing on its' walls and has shifted across "the pond" leaving the USA to pick up the pieces of it's own country. The WHO (World Health Org) codified MH and BH "diagnoses" with it's physical diagnoses. The stage is now set for the One World Religion.

    The APA (the American Psychological Association) rules American Neurological Sciences. The two share one professional Board. Look it up, none of this is untrue. The US Board of Neurology isn't just Neurology. Psychology rules. It is our USA national belief system. Even though, like Philosophy, its not science. Neurology is a science, that's why Psychology tacked itself onto Neurology. Otherwise, it has NO scientific standing, it's merely an atheistic belief system like most Philosophies are. Otherwise, they'd be Theologies. Believing in a god/gods/goddesses, or a God (monotheistic) makes a belief system theology. Without it, a Philosophy.

    How amused Satan and his minions must be to sit and watch the antics of Christians (and yes, Messianics too) as they fumble "the ball" over and over and over again. Never really recognizing famous false prophets, for what they are, because someone put a "doctor" label in front of their name, over and over and over again, while little children hang in the balance, over and over and over again.

    Come, Master Y'shua, come.

    Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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