John Kasich signs bill that would prevent most second-trimester abortions

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Ultrasound image of baby in mother's womb

(Worthy News) - Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill into law that would imprison doctors who perform an abortion method commonly used during the second trimester, but vetoed another bill that would have banned abortion after six weeks.

"I'm pro-life," Kasich said at the bill's signing Wednesday, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. "I think the issue, whether you're pro-life or you're pro-choice, is moving in the direction of the earliest the better and not the latest."

The ban he signed into law would affect abortions 12 weeks into a pregnancy or later that use a method known as dilation and evacuation. Doctors perform these types of abortion by using surgery tools and suction to remove a fetus from the womb. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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4 thoughts on “John Kasich signs bill that would prevent most second-trimester abortions”

    • That is the problem. The US doesn't want to return to God, their Maker. Only some US citizens/residents want it to return to God, their Maker. It's not even the majority.

      Right now, there are as many people, in the USA, who self identify as witches (aka Wicca, Wiccans) as there are in the whole of the US Protestant denomination named Presbyterian. That's just those who are sure they identify themselves witches. It doesn't include the wanna-be's or all the various "Pagans" who prefer some other term (spiritual) for themselves. It doesn't included the Agnostic, or the Atheists, who may or may not be patriotic (trustworthy) to the USA. The national belief system in the USA isn't even a religious identity. It's Psychology and its other brother, Psycho-therapy. US Courts bought into it long ago. Salvation by "therapy."

      There is one bright spot on this horizon though. It is that those belonging to Psychology (aka "Psychos") are already moving on out of the USA before it's Treasury (via Medicaid, Medicare, ObamaCare, and Social Security Disability and SSI payments) is finished being raped by them. The proof is in the very public transference from the USA as it's home-base to the UK via (first) their Prince Harry, then Prince William and his wife, the future Queen of England, Katherine (Kate). They are ramping up the integration of US style federal funding for all things Psychological. It goes hand in hand with the whole abortion industry moving on over "the pond" (the Atlantic) too. Don't see it yet? Have a look at the fact that Ireland, Catholic Ireland, just legalized abortion.

      Trump is trying to save the USA.

      A nation, any nation, is only as good as the people who populate it. What was, and is not anymore, was a USA that had an great many who not only wanted to repent and be reconciled to the One True God, but had many who walked with Him already. Too many of them are now dead, or so drugged up in nursing homes and/or assisted living centers, or are left to die so alone in their homes that they have no avenue to cry out for us. And you nailed it, the people would need to have a desire, at least, to return to their Maker. That's what's missing. A majority wanting to someday to know Him. This is what the USA gets for abdicating, one parent/parents at a time, the responsibility to educate their own children/wards as the Bible makes clear is parents/guardians responsibility. Then, when those children turn on those same parents, we wonder how could they do such a thing? It's what they were taught to do.

      Instead, what we have is a majority that doesn't want the Constitution of the USA anymore. They believe that just as the Constitution of the USA was voted into place, Socialism too could be voted in. And they are right to a huge extent. Forgetting that first came a Revolutionary War and the death of many who were loved by others there too. Sons and daughter died or were wounded to "worse than death" conditions. What the USA now has, are those who are not the least bit interested in what their Creator designed them as, or to be, or to do, for Him, or for any other reason but for their own comfort and "time here" pleasures.

      The USA should take careful look at what Iceland had to do just before the Recession took hold in the USA. It's economy (for serious reasons) tanked. So, they had to come up with a whole new Constitution before their very nation died. God forbid it comes to that in the USA but if it does...?

      And if abortion is outlawed? Those now alive in the USA, having been raised in the USA, don't even know what a "normal" society looks like, a normal amount of babies have been gone that long now. The reason Roe v Wade is soon to be overturned is not because finally, legal challenges are making sense. It's because the majority of the people populating the USA (and many of them Catholic illegals, voting) now hate it. That was not the atmosphere back in 1976.
      Abortion is not, will not, be eradicated because of any fear of the Lord, or want to return to their Maker, but because it seems now barbaric to even many of the teens we have living here.

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