US slammed at UN Security Council for recognizing Golan as Israeli

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(Worthy News) - The United States came under sharp criticism from the 14 other Security Council nations Wednesday for its decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights in violation of council resolutions.

Speaker after speaker at the open meeting supported Syria’s sovereignty over the strategic plateau and opposed Israel’s de facto annexation of the Golan Heights and US President Donald Trump’s proclamation earlier this week.

As South Africa’s UN Ambassador Jerry Matjila said, “this unilateral action does nothing to assist in finding a long-term peaceful solution to the conflict in the Middle East.” [ Source: Times of Israel (Read More...) ]

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2 thoughts on “US slammed at UN Security Council for recognizing Golan as Israeli”

  1. ...and we expected no less out of Satan, did we?

    Israel knows this lesson even better than those in the US do.

    If it doesn't take back territory (or people) from the Evil One, he wouldn't care.

    Israel's whole premise is to make their enemies think of what the consequences might be before they go to war with "the apple" of YHWH's eye. I mean beyond Allah's usual throwing of living humans, of all ages and genders, at his enemies. A bit like the OT references of burning of one's own living children at shrines to Moloch, isn't it? Except for some weird reason, Palestinians and Iran, Iraq, and so many others, all seem to be able to convince the UN that it Israel's fault.

    Right is left, up is down, and sin lies on the righteous now.

    End times. End times.

    The other "good news" (besides the gospel) is the One True God would not be bringing in Jews by the flock-full's unless the "partial hardening of their hearts" is losing it's grip, finally. Say "whew" "finally."

    This means, it's now only a matter of a little more time. A little more time, and all Israel will see their Redeemer, weep, and repent. Along with the others who were their the day he died.

    Romans. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son..." They know the drill. Next, they will see and believe too. Out of all their paganisms, and necromancy, they too, can and will be saved. Or some of them, at least, who are now, or will be also, in Jerusalem, at that time. It was not only Israelites who were present when Christ (the Messiah) was killed. Jews, yes. But are we to blame his mother? His apostles? Did any of them (excepting Judas) cry out for his blood? And if one Jew is exempt, any can be.

    And if any Roman's were present (the NT specifically says it was Roman soldiers who tortured Christ, who did the dirty deed of killing him) then Romans will once again be there same as Jews, when all Israel's heart is broken for it's Messiah already come and paying the price to set their souls free.

    And Gentiles of other ilks, too, shall weep as for their own son too. But then... Saved. Which is how it always works. First, we "know" our sins, then we repent. Then, we are Saved by God's Word (come in the flesh, sacrificed, died, risen, Alive forever more).

  2. Does anyone really care what the U.N. says anymore? Especially with its group of 57 muslim countries voting as a block.
    That's 57 muslim countries, Mr. Obama, not 57 States of the United States. Boy, and he claimed to have gotten a Harvard education. Maybe it was Harvard Middle School.

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