Change Your Faith, or Else: Nancy Pelosi's 'Equality Act' Will Make Religious Freedom Less Equal

(Worthy News) - Just days before the midterm elections, now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) vowed from Harvard University to make passing the 'Equality Act' one of her top legislative priorities — and she wasn’t bluffing.

The House Judiciary Committee voted last week to advance the deceptively named “Equality Act,” which, according to the conservative legal nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom, “gives people of faith an ultimatum: Change your faith-based practices or face government punishment.”

If the proposal is approved — which isn’t out of the question, given it has 240 co-sponsors — the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act would both be amended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations, public education, federal funding and the jury system. [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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27 thoughts on “Change Your Faith, or Else: Nancy Pelosi's 'Equality Act' Will Make Religious Freedom Less Equal”

    • Well now, that's a great prayer. Wish I'd thought of that one myself (to my great shame).

      Thank you for showing us what Jesus would say.

      God bless you too.

      Wouldn't that just gunk up Satan's plans? If Nancy Pelosi got saved? I like it! God does have a sense of humor you know.

  1. That old locust does nothing but attempt to steal -kill and destroy liberty --She has zero idea what equality even means-- Her form of twisted equality is to TRY and stamp out the preaching of the Cross-and the cursing of Israel ..-Hells minions us what she is ..⚡⚡⚡ may she fail on every side ..

    • Don't count on it. The Christians who ended up in Nazi concentration camps for various rule breaking like helping Jews, thought they were living during the Great Tribulation then.

      None of us deserves to go through "The Great Escape Hatch" also known as The Rapture. If none of us deserve that, you don't too.

      You might just end up having to live for Jesus Christ, and that's harder than the usual forms of dying for Jesus Christ.

      The one truly great thing is that those of us who really do know Him and His Son, because of His Son, will have Messiah waiting with open arms right at the moment of our death. Some see him before they die, to make it easier on them. Rapture or not, Christ will be there, ready and waiting, for you, personally.

      God is Good.

      • The wicked have taken over and the judges are blind. Baal has taken root and the rest will be a repeat of history I am sad to say

  2. My question is: Who keeeps voting that old foossil in? She needs to take retirement more seriously and leave office, she is ruining the democrap party. Oh well, republican security with her in office. She keeps crying "impeach Trump" when she is the one who needs to go.

    • Wear the blood of Y'shua (Jesus), the Messiah (the Christ) then. They have no right to enter those of us covered in the shed blood of the one True Messiah already come, for us all.

      "Resist the devil and he shall flee."

    • The sentiment is understandable. But it's wrong to say such a thing.

      What it is time for is the kind of "rebellion" such as what Moses did in Egypt, when he directed the people of Israel, those tribes and all who wished to follow the same God (of Moses, Abraham and Issac). What weapons did they use on the Egyptians? Tell me.

      Or was it faith, that is, trust in the Word(s) given as instruction to them, by and through the man proven to them to be their prophet/deliverer. Not ever prophet is a righteous one, not ever prophet is a deliverer.

      Once that was covered, they obeyed. They trusted the Word given to them. To do this, or that, to sacrifice a lamb on such a day and eat it completely within the home. To put the blood of the lamb on their lintel and door posts.

      Not exactly the kind of weapons we fight about having a right to, regarding the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. It's still a ways to go before the feds outlaw trusting in God our Savior, that is YHWH and His Son, His Word come in the flesh, who died and rose to pave our way.

      The blood of the Eternal Living Word of God, Y'shua (Jesus) his Name, is alive. how else can it wash you clean of your sins except it's still alive? And that is the most powerful weapon we have, the blood (already shed) of the Living Word of God. To be "in Christ" is to be "under the blood" right now, this minute. And this next minute, and tomorrow, and next year. That is what is really meant when we end our prayers with "In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen."

  3. And May it hit the blood of the Lamb of God, slain, for us all (even Nancy) and rebound, just as it did for the people who followed Moses.

    They have no fear of (our) God and they should. Because they do not fear Him, they do not see Him warning, warning, giving consequences a little more each time they go ahead and do their evil to His kids. Though our God is longsuffering He has His limits.

    We know this. Nancy Pelosi, aka Jezebel, doesn't. Leave it up to our God and His Son to deal out the consequences. And you, and me, we should be walking in God's wisdom, going where He leads, or staying where He says. Until, "the time."

    One of the benefits of having survived many attacks while living for Messiah, in the USA, for decades and more (being born here, a natural citizen), is you have to take sides. And knowing God stands with you, has your back, is nothing we have earned. To die for Christ, is (I think) easier than living for Messiah Y'shua. And if He leads, If He protects, what can they do? Stop us from entering heaven?

    Not likely. See? We already have the advantage. They buy their own rewards in the here and now. Ours are stored in heaven, for us. But the best of all, is that some souls go to heaven because of us. If we preach the gospel, if we are faithful to live the gospel, then when we get to heaven, there will be other souls there from Earth also. Those are the few treasures that do indeed go "with" us, when we die. None of us deserves the Rapture. None of us deserves to escape via the escape hatch called the Rapture (detractors call it the Rupture).

    However the catching away of the saints happens, the dead in Christ/Messiah go first and those who are alive (at that time) will be caught up in the air at virtually the same time.

    Then, we finally go Home. God be praised, we will all see each other, and rejoice together, finally. The crippled sister with speech impediment will dance great dances with Jesus, himself. She shall sing like the angels. And the brother who never could lead a prayer will do it for thousands upon thousands upon thousands. No more fears. No tears. No more of this hidden fellow-shipping. We will fall down at His feet and sing praises in many tongues, surrounded by complete Peace and infinite Joy.

    Who's afraid of a Pelosi? Let the world see what happens when they attack those covered by the blood of Jesus Christ in this land. Let them feel what our God will do to them who curse His people.

    What's to worry about?

  4. You know what? Jack Phillips doesn't have to bake wedding cakes, at all. I object to tax dollars paying for Psychologists, and Psychiatrists. For my tax dollars paying for colleges and universities, and secondary schools, and even primary schools now, forcing their students to swallow Psychology which was proven a long time ago, by the American Psychological Associations own commissioned studies to be a Pseudo-science, at best. That is, a false science. Sorta like Scientology is one. I really object to how Dr. James Dobson has snookered Christians of my generation and the next generation and even the one currently graduating and going into colleges, into believing they should pay someone to help them with their marriages and/or thought lives. Folks, most marriages in this world are not based and never were based on Romance. A marriage is a partnership, to make the very best out of that partnership. Goals need to be discussed, that's not rocket science or anti-bible, but Psychology sure is.

    I haven't seen anyone shooting down psychology yet. The antiabortion people (of whom i am one) haven't a clue yet what will happen if/when abortion is overturned and made illegal once again. Because to qualify as a foster parent or adoptive parent, you have to adhere to psychology which is 180 degrees the opposite of faith in God's only Son, Jesus the Christ aka Y'shua HaMashiach. And the people of the Jewish faith have the same exact problem.

    I am a female (legally) ordained Christian (and now Messianic) Minister. I've never officiated at anyone's wedding. I don't do weddings, for anyone. Never have. So, for example, how can I be made to officiate for a gay couple the same as I do for breeder couples (hetero), if I don't bless my own kind? In fact, I don't teach men either. I do teach women, and children too, sometimes.

    And it has never cost me anything worth having.

    There is an old extra-biblical proverb that goes:

    "He is no fool who gives up what he can not keep to gain what he can not lose."

    That works for both genders and all the other kinds too.

    • They have no love or respect for the Constitution. In a Democracy, it's a free for all. That is, majority rules. That's the mantra of democracy, majority opinion rules. Okay, so the Constitution sets the rules of the game but if the game is Democracy, they can vote changes to the Constitution. They can revoke the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. It's been done before with Prohibition. Drinking alcohol was made illegal, then revoked.

      People, we are a democratic Republic. That means we elect our Representatives by democratic vote and they vote for the rest. You get enough Democrats in as Representatives, and Senators, and Caucus persons, and they can change it to what they want. There is no special love for the Constitution except by various people sprinkled throughout all the political parties.

  5. Okay, the title of this article is misleading. As in, really bad. Even though I wish Nancy Pelosi a very nice retirement, yesterday, she isn't threatening Christians or Messianics, nor Netzarim either, with demands that any of us "change our faith."

    Her demands and plans are to get us to change our behavior. Behavior is not the same thing as what a person believes. Lots of Christians could (and many should) change their behaviors. Just as lots of Pelosi followers should change much of their behavior also. But a persons faith is another subject that sometimes instigates ones behavior, not always.

    For example, many of us brush our teeth everyday. A lot of people brush their teeth twice a day. And most of the people in both those groups do not do it as an outgrowth of their "faith" also sometimes known as their "religion." We do it because we were told by assorted authority figures when we were small that our teeth would fall out if we didn't brush every day or twice a day. So then, since we believed (as in beliefs) it might be true, we continue to brush so much and so often. Some discontinued, some began because their Dentists or dental hygenists convinced them to believe so. And some people do it out of a sense that they'd rather err on the side of caution, not believing or disbelieving.

    Faith and behavior are two different things. Sometimes intertwined but not always. Dems mostly care what we do. Not so much what we believe. Now, lately, in China, they do care what people believe. Because when real Christians and real Messianics and true Netzarim (the biblical Nazarenes, not the Protestant kind) have real faith in the Messiah come, the King of the Jews, it tends to end up showing in their behavior also. And the Chinese leaders know that.

    That's not a given in the USA.

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