Biden Declares LGBTQ Rights His No. 1 Legislative Priority

(Worthy News) - Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declared Saturday that the Equality Act would be his top legislative priority, an effort to enshrine LGBTQ protections into the nation’s labor and civil rights laws.

The former vice president shared his hopes of signing the legislation as part of a keynote address to hundreds of activists at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual Ohio gala on the first day of Pride Month. In a half-hour at the lectern, his remarks ranged from emotional tributes to his audience and their personal endurance to condemnations of President Donald Trump.

“It’s wrong and it is immoral what they’re doing,” Biden said of the Trump administration. Among other Trump polices, he cited attempts to bar transgender troops in the U.S. military, allow individuals in the medical field to refuse to treat LGBTQ individuals, and allow homeless shelters to refuse transgender occupants. [ Source: CBN News (Read More...) ]

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7 thoughts on “Biden Declares LGBTQ Rights His No. 1 Legislative Priority”

  1. I often think of a Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Cheese sandwich when I hear LGBTQOISEHJF. To me, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck ..... they can call it anything they want ...... but it's still just a homosexual. And I'll use God's term for it rather than theirs. I guess God's not politically correct either.

    • It's more than mere homosexuality. Trans sexuality is what our public schools are selling the kids in them. Remember when you were 13 and not sure of "what" you "wanted to be when you grow up?" Those questions. Only it's being turned on it's ear, no longer do they even get around to considering what occupation to go into, or what college or trade schooling, maybe an apprenticeship, all of those options. No longer are the females allowed to consider marrying and making their homes and families a possible career choice verses full time paid employment. But the males get to consider that instead.

      Once again, and with the help (once again) of Planned Parenthood, the first decisions to be made are "what gender are you going to be?" when you grow up. "What gender do you think you are, right now?" And the main reason Planned Parenthood comes into it, is to make money off of the hormone treatments and Counselling that goes with "transitioning" (which is where the Trans comes from) from one gender to another. Or in the case of those kids who find the whole idea of morphing into sexuality, at all, too disconcerting, it (once again) takes hormone treatments to prevent that. Actually, many women already use hormone implants (in their arms, usually) to prevent the regular monthly cycles of hormones. It was not a far stretch to pervert that industry into how to keep kids from ever fully developing physically.

      Yes, children are being allowed to make such choices. More than that, children are being pushed into it all. There are a few insulated communities where children are still given the options to think or plan for Traditional social lives, traditional marriages, having kids, all of that. But those too are being eroded. One place that is taking back their culture and traditional social structures is in the Indigenous communities (Native Indian, Native Alaskan, Pacific Islanders, those groups).

      As abortion goes down (PP can see the writing on that wall) PP and their ilk, have found their other method of making incomes for their leaders. Another way to provide to kids and young adults, methods to thwart God's own and best plan for them to live full and rewarding lives.

      The USA is handing it's kids over for serious Arrested Developments. By twisting up puberty, by flooding bodies with all the hormones of the opposites genders, permanent damage is done. Not to mention what's cut off and/or resorted into parts unmentionable here. Changes that can not be undone. Or what certainly never will be what would have flowered if left to nature.

      It's scrambled. And then, Planned Parenthood pats itself on the back and let's Satan tell them they did a good job. Well, as servants of his, they did do a "good job," for him. And PP is just getting rolling on this new pursuit of theirs.

      As for Queer, the name says it all. Each one is different even from the other. Only a real God can unscramble the brains done this way, at such early ages. And many many of these kids have never even had a sexual experience with another person at all yet. Which is what it takes to actually be a homosexual, a sexual encounter with a person of the same gender. They've also been lied to that simply thinking about doing it makes them homosexual. And then, the public school teachers get them to think about it. Thus, we now have gays who never did a deed with anyone, but they are sure they can't be Straight, because of it.

      Even when teens and young adults now have sexual relations, half the time, they don't know what mental gender the other person is, right then. Many of the bodies of these kids and adults are so messed up by hormone therapies that they end up like hermaphrodites when they weren't born that way (which is about the only excuse for gender reassignment surgery that I know of).

      When the LGBTQ kids grow up with their little scrambled brains (and bodies), how do you think they are going to vote? Because that's very much what the enemy of our souls cares about also.

  2. Joe Biden will not become Democratic nominee or president if his top priority is a handful of people who live to impose their will on the majority of Americans who consider them as not normal by choice.

  3. And bearing in mind that there are probably millions of children who live in poverty or are abused who need his attention far more than the gaystapo.

    Shows you what his priorities and values are. One sick man.

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