House launches pre-impeachment agenda this week

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(Worthy News) - House Democrats this week plan to begin making the case for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., wants the caucus to stay away from impeachment, but to mollify her pro-impeachment faction, she has sanctioned hearings as well as votes citing two Trump administration officials with contempt of Congress.

The action starts Monday in the House Judiciary Committee where lawmakers plan to hold a series of hearings to examine the findings in the 448-page Mueller report, which Democrats believe show Trump broke the law. [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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10 thoughts on “House launches pre-impeachment agenda this week”

    • Wouldn't that be nice. Like someone opened the window to let a cool breeze in.

      They did hit the ground running after the Mueller report.

      While we're at it, let's ask our God and Savior to stop Pelosi. Who does she have protecting her spiritually except Satan. God stopped Pharoah and Jezebel, why not Pelosi. She even looks like she attends covens, at night.

      Except we'd need to be "in Christ" when we prayed for such a thing. And we'd need to be "in Messiah" while we go live and work about our days, and nights.

      Because if Islam hasn't shown us already, there's one thing true about the dark side. They are vengeful. Revenge is what those of us who work these things for God can expect. Just look at this impeachment thing the House is working on, for at Trump. Did you read any of the UK news while he was there?

    • Yes, they can. If he falters too much or too often.

      Otherwise, their attacks only show his faith is in the real God, the One who truly does exist.

  1. You all do realize that "unless the Lord (re) build the house, they labor in vain."

    That's more about the whole of the USA than it is about the House of Reps. Each State also has a "house" and "senate."

    This business of the Dems verses the Republicans (and everyone else Conservative) can only result in the sinking of the USA. Already, hordes of Muslims who are committed to winning by (their own) population explosion (on purpose) is well under way.

    Let us all hope (and pray) that Trump is well aware of all this. His Ivanka is a Dem, while he runs and leads as a Republican. The two can live as one. But not with Pelosi or the Satanists (i.e. abortionists) running so much of the show. Give them an inch and they'll try to take the whole place down. Which is exactly what we are seeing and have been seeing for the past 60 years, at least.

    The former USSR went at the US much the same way. Now we have their communists and socialists (instead of Christian charity). And up Russia is coming. They just outlawed criticizing Putin in Russia. Putin can see that the war of words in these United States will take it down for him. However, he doesn't seem much inclined to like the terrors of Islam either.

    Don't quote "the rapture is coming" because things are going to get much worse before Jesus comes again. He told us so.

  2. They are not going to be able to impeach him and he will go on to win in 2020. It has been ordained in a higher court then men have. However, where he will lead and do to America they are not going to like.

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