House passes bill to increase security for churches, synagogues, and mosques

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(Worthy News) - The House passed a bill Monday that increases security for churches, synagogues, and mosques amid an increase in the number of targeted attacks on places of worship globally.

The Securing American Nonprofit Organizations Against Terrorism Act of 2019 creates a $75 million grant program under the Department of Homeland Security to financially support the security needs of religious organizations. The bill had wide-ranging support with 86 Democratic co-sponsors and 18 Republican co-sponsors.

“In just the first six months of 2019, the level of bloodshed in places of worship has shocked the world. It’s painfully clear that these houses of worship are under threat of violence committed by terrorists of all extreme ideologies,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., the sponsor of the bill. “Synagogues, mosques, and churches need our help and protection just to stay safe. Nobody should feel threatened while praying." [ Source: Washington Examiner (Read More...) ]

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1 thought on “House passes bill to increase security for churches, synagogues, and mosques”

  1. See? No one needs me to sound the alarm anymore. The US House of Representatives is saying churches, synagogues, (and mosques) are more and more dangerous places to be in.

    And they don't have any pipeline to God, the Father, like (real) Christians do. Flee the churches people. Men of God, start your worship services at home. Do those Bible Studies at home with your own family first. Not ready? How many decades does it take to get you ready? Ladies, want real men of God? Stop doing their jobs for them. We do not build up real male headship in our families or in our fellow shipping by doing their jobs for them. We do not be submissive in a Christlike way by trying to teach out husbands how to be men of God. Want them to learn how to pray and lead prayers (at home first) then let them learn. The Holy Spirit leads best, better yet, if they hear from God. Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice..."

    Men lead their wives/women by being understanding. Women be submissive by respecting their male leads. And let the police do the business of enforcing laws. Want wives to do it? Then go join a Feminist group, and stay out of Christian and Messianic ones. Or repent, and come back to us. If we can't forgive, it's our problem, not yours.

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