Maine governor signs abortion bill allowing non-doctors to perform procedure

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(Worthy News) - Maine’s Democratic governor signed an abortion bill into law on Monday that allows medical professionals who are not doctors to perform the procedure.

Gov. Janet Mills signed the bill expanding abortion access which she introduced herself. It will formally go into effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns, around September.

But the law is facing criticism for expanding the list of professionals who could perform an abortion. Critics say it could potentially make the procedure less safe. [ Source: Fox News (Read More...) ]

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8 thoughts on “Maine governor signs abortion bill allowing non-doctors to perform procedure”

  1. Well, we have "medical tourism," already, which is when people go to other countries for medical procedures and care, even for prescriptions, (such as India) where they are much cheaper there. Already, lots of people who live in Alaska have to go to Seattle WA in order to find or obtain care no found in Alaska. The burn center for Alaska is actually in WA State.

    So now, we'll have Abortion Tourism, where pregnant women from Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, and Kentucky, can all go to New York, Maine, and Iowa, if they want to kill off their own offspring. We still do not have a viable option for offing other people's kids unless it's your own niece or nephew or grandchild still inutero. Then, you can try to kill "it" by telling it's mother to go to New York, Maine or Iowa. If they barely can pay for the bus ticket, now they can get it done cheap by nurse wanna-be's in Maine, USA. What a deal.

    Just as England carried out most of the abortions for all of Ireland, north, and south. That is, until Ireland "overcame" it's Catholic teachings and legalized abortion, recently too.

    Just how much is a bus ticket from Maine, to New York, or Iowa, anyway? The Governor's of those states apparently have been on the look-out (just like PP Directors) for new industries to start up in their states. Opportunities for business that not every other state has. "Entrepreneurship" it's called in the USA. Also, now, murder, for hire.

    And it's already a fact that many of PP's abortion services are run by Wiccan "witches" who are only too ready to believe the lie about themselves being "good witches" for staying out of the "black" magic and only doing "white magic" instead. Someone diluted that "Koolaid" to 1/2 strength so that makes it all alright to drink. Not. It's "rat poison" made sweet before people will swallow it.

    Ever wonder just how all those long ago (and current) king's mistresses, monarch's Courts courtesans, or lifelong prostitutes, and/or brothel owners, managed long long careers? Abortion is not a new issue, back then, it was back alley businesses. It's now a public issue. That's what makes the difference. We got the "morning after pill" and it works whether the woman was raped, roofied, or not raped (consensual). No victim needed. No doctor or nurse either. Without abortion, just how does anyone suppose that so many of their female OB/GYN's managed to set aside straight sex long enough to specialize and get those degrees? They didn't. Think female attorney's, and bank presidents, or how about all the female "suits" with 4 year college degrees? If males have trouble keeping it zipped, so do the females.

    That's one of the things we have learned from Feminism and the Sexual Revolution, women can be just as as debauched as men were all down through the ages, until "family planning" allowed "girls" to behave in the same ungodly ways. Well, slightly difference, but not by much. And that's what all the Pro-Choice noise is all about. They (both genders, and all the LGBTQ-ers) all want the same freedom to behave like the men of Gomorrah during Lot's time (in the Bible). Women just keep it under wraps a big more, or they used to anyway, until "Sex and the City" and "The Kardashians." Now, everything obscene is equal and broadcast to the entire free world.

    Why do so many 40 hour plus work-week professional women hate the "stay at home Mom's" so much? Because a large percentage of one group got their career goals by murdering, and covering up, their own infants. In a legalized abortion, Mom no longer has to dispose of the body. She just has to go home and rest the rest of the day, if that. And many (maybe most) Stay At Home Mom's never even considered aborting, no matter what. That's one of the character assets that will make for them being good Moms down through the ages. Your mother was that kind, at least in your case (or you survived her attempt to abort you). The same is true of your grandmother, and her mother, and her grandmother, and all of them, back and back and back. It's only now we get to see people who have broken with their pasts and the people who did not abort them.

    Most Stay At Home Mom's would love to reconnect with old friends and make new ones among the "Working Moms" (like mothers who manage to make dollars stretch from month to month without a 40 hr paycheck each week "don't work," that always has been a good one) but for the revilement which so many Working Mom's simply exude at Moms who "don't work."

    Let those who can't think beyond their own selves, or delayed opportunities because of a sudden 9 months obstacle (i.e. pregnancy) go somewhere else for her abortion. Then, those who've been entrusted to spread the Gospel will know exactly where to target their missions (New York, Maine, Iowa). And babies born in States that love them, might flourish for a change. Along with their mother's too, which is always a good atmosphere to raise families in; poor, middle income, or rich.

    We, who would like to make sure that no doctor or HCP touches us, after just having come from doing an abortion, (because merely the thought of that makes us want to gag nonstop) can now do so. If it is totally illegal in the state we live in, we can make those doctor's appointments without fear of some "Healthcare Professional" having the blood of infants "on his/her hands," literally. If we know where the infant killers are located, in Maine and New York, etc. we then can make our doctor choices, elsewhere, with much more confidence.

    And the murderers can go live and work and play with their own kind. Which, if you think about it, might just solve the problem all by itself. Lord willing.

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