BREAKING NEWS: Increased Persecution Of Former Muslims, Report Shows (Wrapup)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 | Tag Cloud

By Worthy News Bureau Chief Stefan J. Bos with Worthy News Special Correspondent Johan Th. Bos reporting from the Netherlands

imagesBUDAPEST/ERMELO (Worthy News) -- The "persecution of Christians with a Muslim background" has "drastically" increased around the world, according to a report released Tuesday, February 3, by a leading Christian rights group.

Netherlands-based Open Doors, which supports Christians "persecuted for their faith," said Communist-run North Korea still tops the top 10 of its annual World Watch List (WWL) of 50 countries with the worst cases of religious persecution.

"However number two through seven are occupied by countries where people who converted from Islam to Christianity are in life danger," the group told Worthy News.

"Christians with a Muslim background are a vulnerable group within the Muslim world," said Open Doors Director Tjalling Schotanus speaking from Open Doors' headquarters in the Dutch town of Ermelo. "A Muslim who abandons Islam is seen as someone who offends his family, his country and his religion," he added.

Saudi Arabia is mentioned at WWL's number two as "only Muslims are allowed to openly express their religion," Open Doors said. Iran was mentioned at number three amid reports that "many Christians with a Muslim background have been detained and tortured," the group said. "In addition the country wants to introduce a law which will force judges to impose the death penalty on those abandoning Islam."


Afghanistan also had the dubious honor of rising three places compared to a year ago, from number seven to four, due to what Open Doors described as mainly the "growing pressure from the Taliban and other Muslim extremist groups in the country," despite the presence of an international peacekeeping force.

Other countries mentioned as worst violators of religious freedom are Iraq, Eritrea and India. Open Doors recalled that India witnessed "an explosion of violence” since last summer when Christians were blamed for the death of a Hindu nationalist leader in the state of Orissa, although Maoist rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. Christians have also denied involvement in the killing.

Open Doors also expressed concern over Eritrea, saying some 3,000 Christians are now detained for their faith in the African nation, including in "cellars, containers and military prison camps," where several believers reportedly died of torture and lack of medical attention.

Open Doors' WWL report is closely monitored by churches and policy makers. The organization has been supporting persecuted Christians since 1955. It claims to aid Christians in over 50 countries with advocacy, the distribution of Christian literature and by providing social-economic support and education.

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Increased Persecution Of Former Muslims, Report Shows (Wrapup)”

  1. Why are we Americans so very ignorant and even arrogant to the fact that persecution of Christians is greatly on the rise? Even here in our homeland. My fellow Americans who profess Christ Jesus as Lord now is the time to WAKE UP and see what is at our door step. Christ said that all that truly belong to Him and His Father will be hated and persecuted.(John 15:18-25) Have we become so "Proud to be Americans" that we have become complacent in faith and blinded to every wicked and evil scheme of the deceiver? Have we become the lukewarm church that Jesus says He shall spit out of His mouth?(Rev.3:15-18) What makes America immune from the same trials and tribulations, and even martyrdom that our brothers and sisters are enduring for His Name? WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Let me guess you are planning and banking on it, to be whisked away by the rapture before having to endure the weight of His Cross? How arrogant! See what the Prophets of old instruct us to do. (Zeph 2:3) (Job 36:8-12) Let us humbly repent and look to His Word for the Truth!

  2. I don't know about you, but I'm planning to be whisked away by the Rapture, BECAUSE I long to see His face! How can it be arrogant to obey the command to be watchful? I also realize that my cross might be different in America than the cross of a brother or sister in Zimbabwe or the Netherlands. Perhaps God knows what He is doing when He creates His children and puts them in varying degress of poverty or abundance? Each comes with its own set of trials. Yes, I am thankful to be in America, having been founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and I seek to uphold them by voting the way I vote, by using what I have been blessed with to help others, especially those of the household of faith. If my "martyrdom" is that my children and family call me "crazy church lady", isn't that disheartenment as grievous as the broken heart of a Christian man who gets persecuted in his hometown in Africa for preaching? Don't you think that the verse is true that if you are faithful in a little, He will set us over much? If you can be faithful in abundance, it may also be that you can be faithful in poverty. Give God a little more credit in how He raises His children! He is coming back, keep looking up! We don't have the strength to be martyrs, but if He allows it to happen, He will give us the strength!

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