Anti Lockdown Protests Take Place World Wide (Video)

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(Worthy News) – Demonstrators took to the streets in several European cities on Saturday to protest Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, with clashes between demonstrators and police erupting in the German city of Kassel while in London, police arrested dozens of people for breaching pandemic restrictions. Protests also erupted in Austria, Belgium, Britain, Croatia, Finland, Poland, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland as European authorities confront a third coronavirus wave.

More than 20,000 people participated in the protest in the central German city of Kassel, where there also were confrontations between the demonstrators and counter-protesters. [ Source: MSN (Read More…) ]

Germany: Anti-lockdown protest turns violent in Kassel

The police used pepper spray to disperse thousands of protesters demonstrating against the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus in Kassel, Germany, on Saturday.

According to the AFP, citing sources on the ground, the event made for one of Germany’s largest anti-lockdown rallies this year.

Scuffles broke out on the scene as a group of protesters tried to break through the police lines to join the rest of the crowd, with officers deploying pepper spray in the clash. [ Source: i24 (Read More…) ]

Anti-lockdown protesters scuffle with police in London

Protesters marched from Hyde Park to Westminster and police made a number of arrests, the BBC reported.

The capital’s police warned they would be staging a “significant policing operation”, backed by fixed penalty notices and arrests. Under current coronavirus rules imposed by the government, such protests are illegal.

The demonstration came after a controversial vigil last week following the death of Sarah Everard in south London which resulted in arrests as police enforced COVID and public order laws, attracting criticism for the way some of the mainly female protesters were forcefully detained. [ Source: Yahoo (Read More…) ]

Video Clips from London Anti-Mask Protests

Hundreds in Stockholm protest Sweden’s virus restrictions

Swedish police on Saturday dispersed hundreds of people who had gathered in central Stockholm to protest coronavirus restrictions set by the Swedish government.

Swedish authorities said the demonstration — the first major protest against the country’s coronavirus restrictions — was illegal as it was held without permission.

Stockholm police said on their website they decided to cut short the gathering just after it started when the number of participants exceeded the limits for public gatherings under Sweden’s pandemic laws. [ Source: ABC News (Read More…) ]

Dutch police shower anti-lockdown protesters with water cannons after crowd assembles near Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam police deployed two water cannons and officers in riot gear to prevent an unpermitted protest against Covid-19 restrictions, ultimately making the crowd leave the area.

The anti-lockdown rally gathered on Saturday in Amsterdam’s Museumplein, a green open space named for the three national museums located in the area. The protest took place without a permit from the municipality, so the police declared Museumplein a security risk area, threatening a possible crackdown on those gathering there. This didn’t stop a large crowd of activists from coming and mingling with ordinary people, who frequently hang out at the museum neighborhood on weekends. [ Source: RT (Read More…) ]

Calgary police condemn racism, respond to weekend anti-lockdown protests


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