Russia Is Testing New Advanced ICBM’s

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(Worthy News) – Thousands of missile troops are holding drills with ’s latest mobile intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system and other “special hardware.”

RS-24 Yars is an improved variant of the Topol-M ICBM, equipped with at least three and as many as ten multiple independently targetable warheads (MIRV), each reportedly carrying a three hundred kiloton yield. Yars is believed to exist in both road-mobile and silo-based variants. Road-mobile systems can be harder to detect, track, and target than their stationary counterparts, potentially making them more survivable and thus providing a key source of strategic redundancy in a major conflict. The Yars missile system is heavier than the Topol-M that it is replacing, but is transported by the same 16 x 16 wheeled chassis as its predecessor. Yars takes approximately seven minutes to launch and employs a GLONASS digital inertial navigation system. [ Source: National Interest (Read More…) ]

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