EU Targets Christian Doctors Saying Abortion Is ‘Human Right’

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy

(Worthy News) – Pro-Life doctors and Christian groups are under pressure after the European Parliament passed a resolution saying that abortion is a “human right” and condemned opponents.

The resolution was divisive, with 378 parliamentarians in the European Union’s legislature voting in favor and 255 against the proposal.

It includes a “conscience clause,” criticizing doctors who withhold abortions on the grounds of faith or conscience, which “endangers women’s lives and rights.”

“This vote marks a new era in the European Union. And the first real resistance to a regressive agenda that has trampled on women’s rights in Europe for years,” said Croatian legislator Predrag Matic, who sponsored the resolution.

An EU parliament resolution is not binding but serves to pressure the 27 member states and the EU’s executive European Commission to act more boldly on issues such as abortion.

Last month’s vote followed a heated debate in the chamber, where lawmakers ended up voting on more than 50 amendments to the resolution.

Supporters argued that the strengthening of sexual and “reproductive health and rights” was necessary to ensure “equality” and “honor democratic human rights.”


Opponents countered that access to abortion would not improve women’s health and that the right to life was fundamental.

The resolution also calls for sex education for all children in primary and secondary schools

Ahead of the vote, the Catholic Church’s EU Bishops’ Conference criticized the resolution for a “one-sided perspective throughout, particularly on the issue of abortion.”

“We see the unborn child as an independent life created in God’s image and owing to its existence to His will. The unborn child has a human right to life,” a conference position paper added.

However, the EU Parliament reacted with a controversial report titled “Tip of the Iceberg: Religious extremist – Funders against Human Rights for Sexuality & Reproductive Health in Europe.”

It claims to “paint a transnational picture of the clandestine funding system which supports the anti-gender actors’ deliberate strategy to roll back human rights in Europe.” As its name implies, the 108-page report mentions 54 “anti-gender groups operating in Europe.”


The European Parliament defines “anti-gender” as being against the right to abortion, against rights and same-sex marriage, and children’s rights.

The report says explicitly “like-minded religious extremists” are working to facilitate “the rise of ultra-conservatism.”

It says targeted groups are Christian who object to abortions and are “anti-.” The report also cites the “rain of roubles from the East,” referring to the Orthodox influence of and “minority communities.”

It claims $186 million was funneled by Russia through ‘laundromats,’ a system to moving illicit money from the Russian Federation to Europe.

France, Italy, , , and Poland are European countries where pro-life groups have the most vital support reportedly.

But even groups such as the U.S.-based Billy Graham Evangelistic Organisation have been blacklisted by European legislators.

Last month’s vote came as a row ensued over a Hungarian law that critics say targets lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people. It bans LGBT education and information to minors, especially at schools.


At an EU summit, some 17 countries urged Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to scrap the legislation.

Political clashes over gender and sexuality have increased recently in EU politics. The debates often pit western countries against the more socially nations of eastern Europe.

Europe’s abortion debate seemed connected to the new administration in the White House.

One month after entering office, U.S. President rescinded the City Policy.

That policy prohibited federal funds from going to international aid groups that perform or inform about abortions.

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