UN Secretary-General Seeks New World Order, Peace Governance

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

(Worthy News) – United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wants a new U.N.-led world order that includes a “New Agenda for Peace,” a new financial system, and global vaccinations.

In his horizon-scanning report “Our Common Agenda,” unveiled over the weekend, Guterres urges to “strengthen global governance” for a troubled, climate-change-suffering world

He seeks a new United Nations, a United Nations “2.0” more relevant to the 21st century and impacting people’s lives. “We need multilateralism with teeth,” Guterres told media.

As a start, the U.N. must come with an immediate global vaccination plan implemented by an emergency task force, he explained. Guterres said, “investing $50 billion in vaccinations now could add an estimated $9 trillion to the global economy in the next four years.”

It was not immediately clear whether that would involve extending vaccination obligations already introduced in several nations, officially to fight the spread of COVID-19.

His report proposes a Global Summit of the Future in 2023 that will look into the “strengthening global governance” to oversee his proposed policies.


The “global governance” will be first of all extended to “digital technology and outer space, and to manage future risks and crises,” including climate change, Guterres said.

And, he explained, that global leaders were to consider his New Agenda for Peace.

That Agenda reduces strategic risks from nuclear weapons, cyber warfare, and lethal autonomous weapons, “one of humanity’s most destabilizing inventions,” he added.

He also called for a new financial structure, saying, “the COVID-19 pandemic exposed “deficiencies” in the global financial system.

To tackle these “weaknesses” and “integrate” the global financial system, Guterres proposes summits every two years of the 20 leading economies in the G20.

Other participants include the U.N.’s Economic and Social Council, the heads of international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and the U.N. secretary-general.


He called for the correction of “a major blind spot in how we measure progress and prosperity.”

The U.N. chief said Gross Domestic Product or GDP fails to account for “the incalculable social and environmental damage that the pursuit of profit may cause.”

“My report calls for new metrics that value the life and well-being of the many over short-term profit for the few,” Guterres explained.

Guterres noted that the ten richest men saw their combined wealth increase by half a trillion dollars since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Meanwhile, 55 percent of the world’s population, or 4 billion people, “are one step away from destitution, with no social protection whatsoever.”

Critics of the U.N. policies may face difficulties. Harsher global action against “disinformation and conspiracy theories” is part of Guterres’ world vision. He said the world should promote facts, science, and “integrity” in public discourse. “We must make lying wrong again,” Guterres stressed.

Critics fear that the crackdown on so-called “conspiracy theories” could include further banning voices critical to United Nations policies from social media platforms.


Several Christian and conservative outlets have already reported being banned or restricted on social media.

However, Guterres claims his plans are making the world more peaceful, secure, and healthier.

He also wants to set up U.N. bodies that include governments, financial institutions, and others to tackle future crises and influence future generations.

Guterres seeks “to create an intergovernmental body for intergenerational issues” to “consider the interests of the entire human family, present and future.”

Guterres said he would appoint an envoy to ensure the interests of those born in the 21st century and establish a new United Nations Youth Office.

His report came after the U.N.’s 75th anniversary last year, prompted a major internal discussion about its future, and a new direction away from the post-World War, officials said.

Those discussions led to a report “setting out his vision for the future of global cooperation,” the U.N. added.

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