Texas Judge Blocks Pro-Life Group from Suing Planned Parenthood for Violations of ‘Heartbeat’ Law

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A judge in Texas on Monday issued an injunction which prevents the Texas Right for Life group and its affiliates from suing the Planned Parenthood abortion provider for possible violations of the state’s recent controversial “heartbeat” law, Axios reports.

The Texas Heartbeat Act prohibits abortion after six weeks’ gestation, but has devolved responsibility for enforcing it away from government and on to citizens: any citizen, even from another state, can sue any person or group suspected of helping a woman to obtain an abortion, for an award of at least $10,000. The law would apply not only to medical staff but to anyone who, for example, takes the woman to an abortion clinic, or to a spiritual counselor who helps her during the process of getting a termination.

Monday’s injunction was issued by Texas District Court Judge Karin Crump, and applies only to Texas Right for Life, Axios said. The injunction will have effect until at least April 2022, when the matter is expected to be listed for trial.

“We are relieved that … our providers and health care workers will now have some protection from frivolous suits as litigation against this blatantly unconstitutional law continues,” Helene Krasnoff, Planned Parenthood’s vice president for public policy litigation and law, said in a statement.

However, Texas Right for Life pointed out that the order is limited in scope and ultimately has no effect on the Heartbeat Act, Axios reports. “The injunction only prevents the named parties from filing or assisting others in lawsuits against Planned Parenthood abortion facilities,” Texas Right for Life said in a statement.

“Other citizens are legally authorized to sue Planned Parenthood if their abortionists violated the Texas Heartbeat Act, and Texas Right to Life is legally authorized to sue others who might aid or abet abortions,” the Right to Life statement continued.

“Thus, today’s ruling ultimately has no effect on the Texas Heartbeat Act or the risk the abortion industry is taking if they violate” the law,” Texas Right for Life attested.

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