COVID Group Asks Court To Try Fauci, Johnson For Genocide

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

THE HAGUE (Worthy News) – A group led by a former executive of biotech giant Pfizer has asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to try White House adviser Anthony Fauci, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and others for various “crimes against humanity.”

In a 46-page legal filing with the ICC, the petitioners led by ex-Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon claim the accused committed genocide with experimental vaccines and strict policies “under the guise of mitigating COVID.”

By their actions, those mentioned in the lawsuit allegedly violated the “Nuremberg Code,” a set of human research ethics created at the Nuremberg trials after World War Two. The accused also acted against the Rome Statute establishing the ICC, which prosecutes crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression, the complaint says.

Besides Fauci and Johnson, the accused include Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, and philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates.

Other prominent names are CEOs of pharmaceutical companies and World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab.

The filing with the ICC seen by Worthy News cites massive short-term harm and death, with at least 395,049 reported adverse reactions to “COVID vaccines” in Britain.

It also notes “censorship” of information on alternative COVID treatments “demonstrating the effectiveness of drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.”


In a more controversial move, petitioners also cited Holocaust survivors who drew “strong parallels between Covid’s restrictions and the beginning of the Holocaust.”

In an open letter, Holocaust survivors called on medical regulatory authorities to “stop this unholy medical experiment on humanity immediately,” violating the Nuremberg Code.

However, not all Holocaust survivors and Jewish organizations agree, and some have urged those opposing COVID-vaccinations to stop making comparisons with World War Two, Worthy News learned.

Critics also question Dr. Michael Yeadon’s motives. The 60-year-old worked for sixteen years for Pfizer and later co-founded a biotech firm that the Swiss drugmaker Novartis purchased for at least $325 million.

His “claims are false, dangerous and deeply irresponsible,” said a spokesman for Britain’s Department of Health & Social Care when asked about Yeadon’s views. “COVID-19 vaccines are the best way to protect people from coronavirus and will save thousands of lives.”

Yet, reports of blood clots and abnormal bleeding in a small number of recipients of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine cast doubt on that jab’s safety, leading several European countries to suspend its use.


Supporters of these and other vaccines counter that hundreds of millions of jabs were given in Europe alone with no minor side effects. A Worthy News reporter experienced flu-like symptoms after the first AstraZeneca shot but recovered after several days.

In the filing with the ICC, petitioners, however, cite possible future side effects such as “expected reduction infertility” after “vaccination,” among “harmful physical and psychological effects.

They also contend that “the suppression of safe and effective alternative treatments for COVID-19 amounts to murder and warrants a full investigation by the court.”

Doctors supporting COVID vaccinations have vehemently denied these allegations and claim that, in general, side effects outweigh the benefits.

Besides expressing concerns about COVID jabs, the petitioners also want the ICC to examine the psychological impact of imposed face mask-wearing and lockdowns.

In Britain, they saw “a sharp increase in ChildLine calls from vulnerable children during lockdowns” as well as “Wealth and business destruction” through imposed lockdowns.”


Additionally, the petitioners witnessed a “Severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law.”

That included travel and assembly bans and forced quarantine and self-isolation.

Current policies reminded the petitioners of “apartheid due to segregation” for those not obtaining the COVID vaccination passport.

Besides Dr. Yeadon, those supporting the complaint include lawyer and rights activist Hannah Rose and astrophysicist and activist Piers Corbyn.

Among other petitioners are Mark Sexton, a retired police officer, John O’Loony, a funeral director and activist; fellow activist Johnny McStay, and Louise Shotbolt, a “nurse and human rights activist.”

It was not yet clear Wednesday when and if the ICC would allow the first-ever international COVID trial to take place.

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