US-Russia Conflict ‘Path To Armageddon’ Warns Russian Colonel

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

MOSCOW/BUDAPEST (Worthy News) – A leading Russian expert warns that a conflict between and the over Ukraine could escalate into warfare and be “the path to Armageddon.”

Colonel Konstantin Sivkov, deputy president of the Kremlin-backed Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences (RARAN), believes a nuclear conflict will destroy the U.S. and Russia.

In comments seen by Worthy News, Sivkov said already provided Germany with American nuclear battle plans. Colonel Sivkov told Russia Today television that the U.S. “pushes” the situation in Ukraine to the brink of nuclear .

Sivkov warned that if a nuclear conflict erupts, 160 of Russia’s submarine-launched nuclear missiles could turn a country like Germany “into a nuclear wasteland.”

He also included U.S. ally in the possible battle, saying an Iranian attack on Israel’s nuclear plants and reactors would make life in Israel “impossible.”

’s nuclear installations are well fortified, and in mountainous regions that atomic weapons could only penetrate, he added.


Sivkov said he doesn’t think Israel would use nuclear weapons against Iran, as this “might lead to retaliation by Russia or China,” and its territory is small.

He extended his recent televised views in his latest writings, “The Path to Armageddon,” obtained by Worthy News.

In the February article for the Military-Industrial Courier publication, Sivkov referred to the Biblical battle when mentioning Moscow’s four options to respond to a nuclear attack.

In a first option, Russia launches a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States and its allies, he said. “In this case, almost all warheads will reach their targets, and the United States will cease to exist as a state,” the expert said.

He wrote that Washington’s retaliatory strike would be “30-40 percent weaker” than Russia’s but cause “monstrous damage” to the country.

Another possibility for Moscow is to launch a preemptive nuclear strike if Washington destroys Russian strategic deterrence forces with conventional arms, Sivkov suggested.


“The enemy will be able to neutralize only a small part of the Russian nuclear potential — no more than 10-12 percent,” the expert wrote. “The consequences of such a strike will be just as catastrophic for the United States as in the first option,” Sivkov noted.

In a third option, Russia may engage “from 40-50 to 70-75 percent of its nuclear potential to strike a retaliatory nuclear blow,” he said. “The two countries will actually cease to exist after they exchange such attacks,” Sivkov added.

“The fourth option involves a retaliatory nuclear strike. One must admit that this is the most probable way for Russia to proceed. In this case, up to 30 percent of the initial number of Russian warheads will be able to reach targets on the territory of the United States,” he explained.

However, “Most of the American economy will be destroyed with such an attack,” Sivkov believes.

He is confident that due to nuclear warfare between Russia and the United States, “human civilization will persist, but it will be completely different with countries such as China, , and taking the lead.”

A nuclear conflict between Russia and the United States marks the onset of a “nuclear autumn” rather than a “nuclear winter,” Sivkov said.

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