Human traffickers posing as pastors at Ukraine borders, “pray for children to be spared”

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – While managing the trauma of Vladimir Putin bombing their homes, countrymen, and cities, Ukrainian mothers fleeing the carnage are also having to watch out for human traffickers posing as pastors to abduct their children, Faithwire reports. Christian aid workers say the issue of trafficking at Ukraine’s borders as refugees seek to escape is the biggest issue for prayer right now.

Stationed at the Polish border to minister to women and children escaping from Ukraine, Natasha Boom of the US-based ministry Orphan’s Promise, told CBN News that the threat of human trafficking is a major additional horror being endured by Ukrainian refugees.

“This one mother … she had a rope tied around her waist with four little girls probably under the age of five wrapped around it because there [is] risk of traffickers and she didn’t want to fall asleep with her children there,” Boom told CBN.

Aware of the situation, border guards have been trying to help. “The border guards were some of the most incredible people I met. Some of them haven’t slept because they wanted to stay awake to protect the children,” Boom said. “We heard reports on the ground this week regarding traffickers pretending to be pastors and turning up with mini buses and coaches,” Boom said. “Some of the border guards said, ‘There are traffickers here, but how do we know? There are thousands of people.’”

Boom has asked for prayer over the trafficking issue, explaining it is one of the biggest problems facing Ukrainian refugees. “That is one of my biggest prayer requests … that this evil can be exposed for what it is,” Boom said. “That children would be spared.”

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