Republicans move to defund Democrats’ Board of Disinformation

by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – House Republicans have introduced legislation that would ban federal funding for the Democrats’ Disinformation Governance Board, saying the board is an “un-American abuse of power” that will violate First Amendment rights to free speech, Just the News (JN) reports.

The legislation was unveiled by House leaders Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise on Wednesday.

The Biden administration says the new Disinformation Board was set up to target foreign criminals like drug cartels and terrorists who want to deceive the United States.

However, Republicans accuse that the board was actually designed to muzzle conservative speech and to give Democrats power to decide what is and is not truth. “[The board] is just an un-American abuse of power, which is a scheme conjured up by Washington Democrats to grant themselves the authority to control free speech,” McCarthy said in a statement.

“They could’ve put this board in the CIA or the State Department or [the Defense Department] if it was really foreign threat-focused,” Mike Davis, president of the conservative Internet Accountability Project, told the Washington Examiner.

“The DHS is known for being domestic-focused, and they put it there because no one else wanted it,” Davis said.

The board defines disinformation as information “deliberately created to mislead, harm, or manipulate a person, social group, organization, or country,” while misinformation is “false, but not created or shared with the intention of causing harm.”

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