Former Muslim becomes Christian after seeing vision of Jesus

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A young Iranian woman who grew up in a strict Muslim home said that she became a Christian after she had a vision of Jesus telling her to follow Him, the Christian Post reported.

Nikita (her name has been changed for privacy concerns) spent her early childhood in Iran before her parents moved the family to California in the US, CP said. She had struggled with feeling unloved and had battled anxiety. In the eighth grade Nikita took her first drink of alcohol and became interested in New Age ideas, CP said.

A traumatic experience in high school ultimately led Nikita to drink “all the time” as a teenager. Her condition progressed to intense social anxiety and to feeling suicidal which made it difficult for her to attend college in California. At this point, Nikita’s mother persuaded her to go to Iran for the summer to reconnect with family, in the hope that this would make her feel better.

While she had not wanted to go to Iran, Nikita told CP she had a vision of Jesus there, which changed her life. She had been lying on her bed when Jesus appeared to her in a vision standing inside an old wooden church with stained glass windows.

He had long dark hair and was wearing a blue robe. “And He looked at me, and He communicated to me, ‘Follow me,'” she said. “I couldn’t audibly hear Him say ‘Follow me,’ but I know He said that. And so I immediately started thinking, ‘I have to become a Christian because I just saw Jesus.'”

Nikita went on to suffer intense rejection from her family, who said they could not support her conversion. “… it was just my first little taste of how the world does not accept Him like how we think they should,” Nikta said. However, Nikita hung on to her faith, was baptized, started attending church, and married a Christian boy. Nikita was eventually reconciled to her parents after they reached out to her, and after God told her to forgive them. They have now been to church with her, and their hearts appear to have softened toward her faith.

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