Israel Rejects US-Brokered Peace Talks With Palestinian Authority

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent

JERUSALEM (Worthy News) – has rejected a proposal by U.S. President ’s administration to hold a high-level summit with the , officials said Wednesday.

The Biden administration wants diplomacy between Israeli and Palestinian officials to strengthen the Palestinian Authority (PA) as part of plans for peace in the troubled region. Israel’s rejection was first reported by the Axios news site and later confirmed by other sources.

However, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned Israel and the Biden administration about the potential consequences if the “stalemate” in the continues.

Yet, the Israeli government, formed by left-wing and right-wing parties not taking significant initiatives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, can’t move forward on the issue, analysts say.

Israel’s national security adviser Eyal Hulata, who met U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, supports “a five-way summit” between Israel, the PA, the U.S., Egypt, and Jordan.

Sherman reportedly proposed that the foreign ministers’ summit could take place in Washington or the region.

The idea of holding a high-level meeting between Israel and Palestinian officials under the auspices of the Biden administration, Egypt, and Jordan was launched by the White House as early as December of last year.

The last round of between Israel and the PA collapsed in 2014, prompting massive violence several months later.

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