Bulgaria To Provide Military Aid To Ukraine

Bulgaria, once labeled the “sixteenth republic” of the Soviet empire for its obedient allegiance to Moscow, should send military aid to Ukraine, the parliament decided Thursday.

Russia Furious Over UN Condemning Ukrainian Annexation

Russia has expressed anger that the United Nations general assembly condemned its annexation of Ukrainian territories and warned that admitting Ukraine into the NATO military alliance would lead to World War III. The statements came as Ukraine’s state emergency service said it is actively searching for people trapped under rubble after another Russian strike in the country’s south, while Turkey sought an opening for peace talks.

Fighting Overshadows Hopes For Peace In Ukraine

Moscow plays down hopes of a breakthrough following peace talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegates in Istanbul, Turkey. Fighting has continued in several areas as the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its 5th week.

Ukraine President Calls Siege Of Mariupol Historic Act Of Terror

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says Russia’s siege of the port city of Mariupol is an act of terror that will be remembered for centuries amid reports that thousands of residents have been deported to Russia. Sunday’s remarks came after footage of Russian dead soldiers outside Kyiv, the capital, another hot spot of fierce clashes.

Russia Shelling Cities Despite Ceasefire Talks

Russia shattered ceasefire talks as it prepared for a massive assault on Kyiv, the capital, and continued shelling several cities, Ukrainian officials, and witnesses said.

1.5 Million Flee Ukraine As Russia Hits Civilian Areas

The United Nations says more than 1.5 million people have now fled Ukraine into neighboring countries as the country faces mounting attacks by some 200,000 Russian troops. The refugee crisis comes as Russian forces respond to Ukraine’s resistance by targeting “populated areas” in several cities, witnesses say.

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