Evangelist Graham Urges Prayers For Corona Suffering President Biden

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

WASHINGTON (Worthy News) – American evangelist Franklin Graham has urged Christians to pray for President Joe Biden, who contracted a highly contagious variant of the coronavirus despite receiving vaccinations.

“The news reports that President Joe Biden has COVID-19 and is experiencing very mild symptoms,” said Graham, who heads Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

“We need to lift him up in prayer. The Bible instructs us to pray for all those in authority, and that includes whether we agree with their policies and politics or not,” he added in a statement seen by Worthy News.

The fully vaccinated and twice boosted Biden tested positive on Thursday morning, though the 79-year-old commander-in-chief is experiencing “very mild symptoms,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

The variant, known as BA.5, is an offshoot of the omicron strain that emerged late last year, experts said. It’s believed to be responsible for most coronavirus cases in the United States.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the president’s physician, said Biden’s earlier symptoms, including a runny nose and a cough, have become “less troublesome.” O’Connor’s earlier notes did not mention the sore throat or body aches.

Biden’s vital signs, such as blood pressure and respiratory rate, “remain entirely normal,” and his oxygen saturation levels are “excellent” with “no shortness of breath at all,” the doctor wrote.

O’Connor said the results of the preliminary sequencing indicated the BA.5 variant does not affect Biden’s treatment plan “in any way.”

Biden tested positive for the virus on Thursday morning. He has been isolated in the White House residence since then.

Administration officials have emphasized that his symptoms “are mild” as he has received four vaccine doses, and he started taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid after becoming infected.

Skeptics would argue that the Biden case underscored their doubts about the effectiveness of coronavirus vaccines.

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