Ukraine’s President Accuses Russia Of Nuclear Blackmail

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

KYIV(Worthy News) – Ukraine’s president has accused Russia of using “nuclear blackmail” around Europe’s largest nuclear power plant and warned Russian soldiers involved in military actions there that they will become targets for attacks.

Volodymyr Zelensky spoke amid mounting international concern about the partly damaged Zaporizhzhia station, which Russia seized
in March, shortly after it began invading Ukraine.
Kyiv has accused Moscow of turning the six-nuclear reactor plant into an army base from where it hits nearby towns.

Russia has kept Ukrainian personnel operating the facility. But investigators say the Ukrainian workers at the site are being kept under armed guard amid harsh conditions. President Zelensky warned Russia’s military, however, that any Russian soldier involved in military action there would be a “special target.”

In televised remarks, he said that “officials of the terrorist state, as well as those who help them in this blackmail operation with the nuclear power plant, must answer to an international court. This is bound to happen.”

And he stressed that “every Russian military officer who shoots at the plant or shoots under cover of the plant must understand that he becomes a special target for our intelligence, our special services, and our army.”

His comments came as Russia and Ukraine have accused each other of damaging the administrative buildings and the adjacent territory of plant.


The International Atomic Energy Agency and several governments have expressed concern that the shelling could eventually lead to a
nuclear disaster impacting much of Europe and beyond.

Despite these worries and a rising death toll on the battlefields, the war continued to rage Sunday. People in the eastern Ukrainian town of Rubizhne have started exhuming bodies hastily buried in courtyards at the height of battle. They are anxious to be able to lay them to rest with dignity.

Rubizhne is part of the Luhansk region of Ukraine, where Russian forces established complete control last month. Men with spades have removed soil outside a damaged apartment block in this town of 50,000 people.

Yet there was some hopeful news on the day that Pope Francis urged the world “not to let the war take away the attention” of hungry people in countries such as Somalia.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said that in less than two weeks, Ukraine had managed to export the same amount of grain from three ports as it
had done by road for all of July.

Ukraine hopes to increase its maritime exports to over 3 million tonnes of grain and other farm products per month soon under an
internationally backed grain deal with Russia.
The Razoni was approaching the Syrian port of Tartus on Sunday after the cargo was refused by its original Lebanese buyer. It was the first ship to depart Ukraine two weeks ago since grain exports from the country’s Black Sea ports resumed under the United Nations-brokered agreement.

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