China Considers Sending Weapons to Russia Further Escalating Tensions

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

MUNICH (Worthy News) – China is considering giving weapons and ammunition for the Ukraine war to Russia, although it is responsible for war crimes, the United States said.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken explained Sunday that Chinese companies were already providing “non-lethal support” to Russia.

However, new information suggested Beijing could provide “lethal support,” Blinken added.

The escalation would mean “serious consequences” for China, he warned.

China has denied reports that Moscow requested military equipment. However, Chinese President Xi Jinping is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and is yet to condemn Russia’s invasion.

But he has sought to remain neutral in the conflict and has called for peace, observers say.

The comments came after Vice President Kamala Harris stressed on Saturday that Russia must be held to account for its “barbaric” actions in Ukraine.


She told a security conference in Munich, Germany, that the United States had formally determined that Moscow’s forces had committed crimes against humanity.

Harris was among several Western officials, including Secretary of State Blinken, projecting unwavering resolve to support Ukraine at the annual Munich Security Conference.

She held the speech just days before the first anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion. The vice president noted how, a year earlier at the same meeting, she warned of the imminent Russian attack on Ukraine.

At the time, Harris said, many wondered how the West would respond and whether Ukraine would be prepared. “Today, a year later, we know: Kyiv is still standing,” she said. “Russia is weakened; the trans-Atlantic alliance is stronger than ever.”

Her remarks emphasized the horrors that have occurred in Ukraine in the past year, invoking images of atrocities carried out by Russian forces in places like Bucha and Mariupol. Russia’s actions in Ukraine are an “assault on our common values,” Harris said.

She recalled how Moscow’s forces had carried out “gruesome acts of murder,” torture, rape, and deportation in a “widespread and systemic attack against a civilian population.”

Crimes against humanity and war crimes are notoriously difficult to prosecute and prove, Harris acknowledged. Harris cited her experience as a prosecutor in saying that “we have examined the evidence” and “there is no doubt” that Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

“I say to all those who have perpetrated these crimes and to their superiors who are complicit in these crimes: You will be held to account,” she added.

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