Most pastors are “extremely stressed,” survey finds

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A new survey published by Lifeway Research shows that 75% of pastors say they are extremely stressed, and 90% report they work between 55-75 hours per week, CBN News reports. The survey was part of Lifeway Research’s 2022 Greatest Needs of Pastors study, and was conducted with 200 US pastors.

The study found that 17 specific needs were highlighted by the pastors surveyed:

Developing leaders and volunteers: 77%
Fostering connections with unchurched people: 76%
People’s apathy or lack of commitment: 75%
Consistency in personal prayer: 72%
Friendships and fellowship with others: 69%
Training current leaders and volunteers: 68%
Consistency in Bible reading not related to sermon or teaching preparation: 68%
Trusting God: 66%
Relationships with other pastors: 64%
Consistency in taking a Sabbath: 64%
Stress: 63%
Personal disciple making: 63%
Confessing and repenting from personal sin: 61%
Consistency exercising: 59%
Avoiding over-commitment and overwork: 55%
Challenging people where they lack obedience: 55%
Time management: 51%

In a statement to CBN, Pastor Joshua Smith of California’s Light Elk Grove Church said of pastors like himself: “We need to be wise with God’s calling on our life, steward it, and make sure it doesn’t crush us. We know God’s burden is light, but we also need to pray for a spirit of wisdom so we can delegate some of those tasks that God has not called us to.”

“We also need to be ok with being human and being vulnerable. We need rest. We need to recharge,” Smith added.

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