Uganda: New Christians driven from their homes by Islamic extremists

Brand new Christians in eastern Uganda came under severe attack last month, as Muslim neighbors destroyed their crops and drove them from homes upon hearing of their conversion from Islam to Christ, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Christians in Uganda have come under increasing attack from Islamic extremists, even though Muslims make up only 12% of the population.

Uganda Convert Killed For Christian Faith

Christians in eastern Uganda have been plunged into mourning after a Christian convert was killed for leaving Islam, several sources said.

Uganda: Two Islamists charged with murdering Christian pastor

Two Islamists in eastern Uganda have been charged with murdering Pastor Barnabas Musana of Nangonde Sub-County on September 12, Morning Star News (MSN) reports. The two men are believed to have killed Pastor Musana because he was leading Muslims to Christ through evangelistic events and public debates about Islam and Christianity.

Uganda persecution: Islamic extremists burn pastor to death

In the latest act of violent persecution against Christians in Uganda, Islamic extremists burned a pastor to death on June 30, leaving a note by his remains saying: ‘Your enmity to Islam is what you have reaped,’ Morning Star News reports.

Uganda Detains Imam After Killing Pastor

Security officials in Uganda have detained an imam who confessed to killing an evangelical church leader this month for evangelizing among Muslims, several sources confirmed Thursday.

Uganda persecution: Radical Islamist confesses to slaughtering 70-year-old Pastor

A radical Islamist has confessed to the June 11 murder in Uganda’s Mpingire Sub-County of 70-year-old Bishop Francis Obo, senior pastor of Mpingire Pentecostal Revival Church Ministries International, Morning Star News reports. A resident of Odapako village, Mpingire Sub-County, the bishop oversaw 17 churches and is survived by his wife, Christine Obo, and 13 children.

Uganda Muslims Torch House Christian Widow

Muslim hardliners in eastern Uganda have reportedly torched the home of a Christian mother of five whose husband was already beheaded for his faith in Christ.

Uganda: Christian leader beheaded, tongue cut out by Islamic extremists

Right after leading six Muslims to Christ during a public debate on May 3, a pastor in eastern Uganda was followed home and murdered by Islamic extremists who cut out his tongue and beheaded him, Morning Star News. The killing was the latest murder of Christians by Islamists in Uganda.

Uganda: Muslim arrested for murdering Christian pastor

A Muslim man has been arrested for the April 5 murder of a Christian pastor in eastern Uganda, Morning Star News reports. Pastor Yolonim Oduchu died of poisoning in Pallisa District after he refused to sell a piece of land to Aliasa Opeduru, one of a group of Muslims who wanted the land to build a mosque.

Uganda Mother Attacked For Faith In Christ

A mother of seven children in eastern Uganda has reportedly suffered severe wounds after her husband and other Muslim relatives attacked her on Easter Sunday for putting her faith in Christ.

Uganda: Christian family violently attacked by Muslims for second time in a month

A Christian family recovering from an assault by Muslims in Uganda last month was attacked again last week, Morning Star News reports. On January 24, Muslim villagers again attacked the family of Pastor Moses Nabwana, this time breaking into his Nankodo Sub-County home and injuring his wife and two of his children. The pastor and his wife Lovisa Naura were still recovering from being hospitalized after beatings by local Islamists on December 27.

Uganda: Female pastor raped by Islamic extremists for preaching the Gospel

Islamic extremists in Uganda raped a female church pastor last month, claiming they were “teaching her a lesson” for converting Muslims to Christianity, Morning Star News reports. The Pastor, who was not named for her protection, was attacked in Kapyani in the Kibuku District of eastern Uganda on December 21. Although Ugandan law allows freedom of religion, and Muslims are a small minority in the country, radical Islamic persecution of Christians is ongoing.

Uganda: Muslim relatives murder young son of former sheik who refused to deny Christ; Islamic terrorists slaughter Pastor and 12-year old son

The six-year-old son of a former sheik was murdered by his relatives in eastern Uganda Monday, after the father refused his family’s demand that he deny Christ, Morning Star News reports. The attack happened two days after Islamic terrorists murdered a pastor and his 12-year old son in western Uganda. These attacks are among many documented in Uganda by Morning Star News, although Muslims make up only 12% of the population and religious freedom is protected under the constitution.

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