Haiti: Christian nurse forgives her kidnappers after release from captivity

Since her release from captivity in Haiti earlier this month, American Christian nurse Alix Dorsainvil has issued a video assuring her Haitian gangster abductors that she forgives them and that Jesus is willing to forgive them too, no matter what they have done, Christian Today (CT) reports.

Haiti: Seven Christians killed after pastor tells them to confront heavily armed gang

Seven evangelical Christians were murdered by heavily armed gang members in Caradeux, Haiti on Saturday after their pastor told them to pray for the “anointing of David” to confront the “Goliath” bandits with only sticks and machetes, the Christian Post reports. The murders took place as Haiti continues its descent into lawlessness and gang rule since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse two years ago.

US Missionaries At Christmas After Haïti Escape

Seventeen U.S.-based missionaries kidnapped in Haiti could celebrate Christmas in freedom after most of them miraculously escaped the street gang 400 Mawozo, who held them for two months, a spokesman said.

Missionaries Face Two Months Hostage Crisis

A U.S. mission group has thanked for prayers as it remembers that precisely two months ago, 17 American and Canadian missionaries were kidnapped in Haiti.

Three more abducted missionaries released by Haiti gang

Three more Christian Aid Ministries hostages in Haiti were released Sunday by the Haitian 400 Mawozo gang, which had abducted 17 of the US organization’s missionaries (16 Americans and one Canadian) on October 16, the Washington Times reports. Few details on the new releases have been given for security reasons; two of the missionaries were previously freed on November 21.

U.S. Official States Some of 17 Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti Still Alive

A senior government official saw proof that at least some of the 17 Christian Aid Ministries missionaries who were kidnapped in Haiti last month are still alive, Reuters reported on November 5. Christian Aid Ministries is calling for continued prayer for the safe release of 16 Americans and one Canadian, including five children, who were abducted by the 400 Mawozo gang on October 16.

80-year old US Pastor abducted by gang in Haiti; “I’ve come to plead”

An 80-year old American citizen and pastor Jean Pierre Ferrer Michel remains in captivity after being abducted by gunmen in Haiti on October 3, nearly two weeks before 16 American missionaries and a Canadian were kidnapped together by a Haitian gang on the island, the Miami Herald (MH) reports. Both the US Embassy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have reportedly been contacted about Pastor Michel’s situation on account of his US citizenship.

17 American Missionaries Abducted In Haiti

Some 17 American Christian missionaries and their families, including children, have been kidnapped by a notorious gang in Haiti, Christian and security sources say.

Urgent request for prayer for Haiti; specific requests include prayer for strength of the Haitian church

Haitian Christians have issued an urgent call for prayer after another deadly earthquake violently shook their already-embattled island nation at the weekend, killing nearly 2,000 people and injuring and displacing thousands more, Christianity Today reports. Saturday’s 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck as Haitians were still processing the assassination of their president Jovenel Moïse last month, an act of violence that illustrates the long-term death-grip that violence, poverty, and corruption have had on Haiti.

Florida-based missionary couple murdered in Haiti

A Haitian pastor and his wife who had immigrated to the US were found murdered upon returning to their island as missionaries, the Christian Post reported Sunday. Pastor Jean Phillippe-Quetant (57) and his wife Erna Plancher-Quetant (54) were shot dead in their home during the course of an armed robbery. The couple are survived by five children.

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