Nepal Releases Jailed Pastor On Bail

A pastor who served a one-year jail sentence in Nepal on charges linked to evangelizing has been released on bail, Worthy News established Monday.

Nepal: Pastor sentenced to a year in jail for alleged forced conversions

A pastor in Nepal has been sentenced by a court of appeals to a year in prison for allegedly forcing Hindus to convert to Christianity, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. The population in Nepal is 81.3% Hindu, followed by 9% Buddhist, 4/4% Islamic, and 1.4 % Christian, according to Wikipedia.

Nepal Jails Pastor For Evangelism

An evangelical pastor in Nepal received a two-year prison sentence for evangelism activities that violated the former Hindu kingdom’s anti-conversion laws, trial observers said Thursday.

‘Thousands Of Christian Leaders Dead In India, Nepal’

Christian leaders in India and Nepal are dying of COVID-19 at such a rate that “scores of Christian ministries” are in danger of closing as there is no one to lead them, aid workers say. ‘Black fungus’ now poses an additional deadly threat in India, where thousands of pastors and other Christian leaders reportedly died.

Nepal: Hindu extremists use false document to discredit Christianity

As part of a campaign to discredit Christianity, Hindu extremists in Nepal forged a document they falsely attributed to the Nepal Christian Society (NCS) and the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal (NCFPN), in which they presumed to show these charities want to create an ethnic division for evangelistic purposes, Morning Star News reports.

Nepal Four Churches Targeted in Arson Attacks

Four Christian Churches in Nepal have been attacked over a five-day period by unidentified assailants. The attacks, which began on the 9 May, targeted Mahima Church in Dhangadhi, Emmanuel Church in Kanchanpur and Emmanuel Church Budor in Doti, Western Nepal. Hebron Church in Panchthar, Eastern Nepal was also targeted.

Christians Fear Crackdown on Religion Under Evangelism Ban in Nepal

While attacks against the Christian minority has increased in Nepal, the Himalayan country’s parliament passed a bill criminalizing religious conversion and the “hurting of religious sentiment,” aiming to restrict evangelism. The move is likely to further escalate Christian persecution.

Nepal Bill Criminalizes Religious Conversion

The Nepali parliament passed a Bill on 8 August criminalizing religious conversion and the ‘hurting of religious sentiment’. It is expected to become law once the approval of the president has been given.

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