Vietnam: New Law Increases Religious Restrictions

Christian leaders in Vietnam are opposed to a proposed state law that would further increase restrictions on all their activities, requiring a permit for each and every circumstance, according to BarnabasAid.

Congressman Calls for Dismissal of Ambassador

Congressman Frank Wolf has called for the immediate dismissal of America’s ambassador to Vietnam after showing little concern for the importance of human rights in that country, according to International Christian Concern.

Vietnam Destroys New Churchs

Vietnamese officials in Dien Bien Province recently destroyed two new church buildings belonging to minority Hmong Christians.

Vietnam ‘Destroys’ Churches of Hmong Christians

Vietnamese security forces have destroyed two churches of minority Hmong Christians in northwestern Vietnam and threaten to tear down a third, a Christian news agency said Wednesday June 27.

Hanoi House Church Leaders Attacked

A mob of men attacked leaders of a Baptist house church near Hanoi Sunday, seriously injuring a pastor and several others, including women and teenage children.

Vietnamese Police beat Christian Worshippers

An attack against minority Christians living in the central highlands of Vietnam in July left 16 men and women severely injured with one man still under arrest, according to International Christian Concern.

Vietnam Massacre of Hmong Christians; Pastors “Beheaded”

Vietnamese security forces beheaded pastors and shot to death “many” other Hmong Christians who gathered to await Christ’s return after a false prophecy by an American preacher, according to a leading advocacy group’s leader.

Rights Campaigners Demand Release Of Vietnamese Activists

Christian rights campaigners on Wednesday, June 15, demanded the immediate release of seven Vietnamese activists, including three Christians, who were convicted of “attempting to overthrow the government” and jailed to between two and eight years.

Vietnam To Jail Frail Prominent Priest; Dissident Detained

A Vietnamese Catholic priest known for publicly expressing views on democracy and human rights faced a difficult month Tuesday, March 1, as he was due to be imprisoned again on charges of spreading “propaganda” against the state”, despite international concerns over his health.

Vietnam Security Forces Crack Down On Christmas Celebrations

Christians of house churches and other non-recognized groups prepared Friday, December 24, for a tense Christmas, after security forces halted Christmas celebrations and detained believers in several areas of Vietnam, Vietnamese Christians and rights investigators said.

Vietnam intends to “wipe out” Degar Christians in Central Highlands

Back in August, the Vietnamese government initiated a massive military operation involving thousands of soldiers, security forces and local police in what they called “tieu quet” to “wipe out” Degar Christians who refused to join the Evangelical Church of Vietnam.

Man Dies in Vietnam Crackdown On Christian Villagers

Eight arrested Christians remained in Vietnamese police custody Sunday, August 29, after a violent government crackdown on Christian villagers in which one person was killed and several others injured, including a pregnant woman who lost her child, rights activists said.

Vietnam Christian Prisoner Dies After “Torture”

A young Montagnard Christian man has died in a Vietnamese prison because of torture and abuse, the latest in a series of attacks on Christian prisoners in the communist-run nation, representatives said Wednesday, April 28.

Vietnam Christian Dissident Released; Evangelist Palau On “Historic” Visit

A Vietnamese Christian lawyer and dissident has pledged to continue her fight for more democracy in the Comnunist-run Asian nation, after leaving prison where she spent three years for challenging the authorities and advocating a multi-party government, Worthy News learned Tuesday, March 30.

Vietnam Priest Released After Three Years Imprisonment

Christian rights activists on Wednesday, March 16, welcomed the early release by Vietnam of a prominent Catholic priest from prison after he served just three of an-eight year sentence, but they expressed concerns over his health.

Thousands To Attend Vietnam’s Historic Christmas Eve Celebration

Thousands of Christians are to attend an evangelical Christmas Eve celebration in Vietnam despite difficulties with authorities, the latest in a series of “historic” Christian gatherings in the Communist-run nation, organizers said Wednesday, December 23.

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