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U.S. warplanes shoot down Iranian-built drone in second strike against Syrian regime aircraft
For the second time this week, American warplanes downed an armed Syrian aircraft — this time an Iranian-built drone — threatening U.S.-backed forces battling the Islamic State terror group in the war-ravaged country.
Posted on: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 [ 2 Comments ]

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Israel would go 'all-out' if war breaks out again with Lebanon: air force chief
Israel would use all its strength from the start in any new war with the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, the chief of the Israeli air force said on Wednesday, sending a firm warning a decade after their last conflict.
Posted on: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 [ No Comments ]

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Court Dismisses Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood
In a huge victory, a California court today dismissed almost all of the criminal charges abortion activists filed against the pro-life advocates who recorded undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling the body parts from aborted babies.
Posted on: Thursday, June 22, 2017 [ No Comments ]

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Evangelical Groups to Trump: Don't Deport Iraqi Christians
A group of evangelical Christian organizations and others have sent a letter to the Trump administration in protest of the potential deportation of Iraqi Christians from the United States.
Posted on: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 [ 4 Comments ]

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Pastor Jailed in Burma Falls Ill [Morning Star News - Jun 21]

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