Israelis Talk of Fears as Rockets Force Them into Bomb Shelters

iran-hamas-destruction-israelResidents of southern Israel were sent back into bomb shelters this weekend as Gaza’s terrorists stepped up their rocket launchings. Close to 20 were fired at Israeli civilians from Gaza over the past week – totaling 348 this year alone.

Documents link latest Gaza Flotilla Organizers to Terror

Gaza StripAlthough organizers of the Gaza flotilla claim they have no connection to terror, IDF military intelligence has evidence that reveals flotilla organizers received significant funding from groups that support Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Israel Prepares For War With Largest Ever Military Drill

Israel says it will hold the largest military exercise in its history, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Jewish state may have to prepare for war with Iran and other rogue states.

Israel Withdraws; Hamas “Rearms”

Israeli forces appeared to withdraw from the Gaza Strip Tuesday, January 20, in time for the inauguration of Barack Obama as the United States’ 44th president, but militant group Hamas said it would rearm, suggesting its conflict with Israel was not over.

U.N. Resolution Passes with U.S. Abstaining, Israel Continues Operation

The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution calling for an “immediate cease-fire” in the Gaza Strip. The United States abstained in the vote as the council passed the resolution 14-0. However, Israel continued a military offensive Friday, January 9, saying it has an obligation to protect its citizens, including one million Israelis who face threats from rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas militants.

Christian Dies As Israeli Offensive Continues

A young Christian girl has died in the Gaza Strip, amid growing signs minority Christians there are caught in the crossfire as the Israeli army continues its offensive against militants of the Hamas group, Worthy News learned Thursday, January 8.

Dozens Killed As Israel Hits U.N. School; Christians Concerned

At least 40 people were killed and over 50 injured when the Israeli Air Force struck a United Nations-run school in the Gaza Strip in what it said was a response to repeated mortar and rocket attacks from militants of the Hamas group.

Hamas Fighting With Weapons From Israel (Investigation)

As Israel continued to fight Hamas in Gaza City, Tuesday, January 6, Israeli soldiers faced the inconvenient truth that weapons used by the militant group were indirectly supplied by Israel itself, the United States, Egypt and other countries.

Israel Prepares For Rocket Attacks From Lebanon

As Israel continued its ground assault into the Gaza Strip Monday, January 5, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were on high alert along the country’s northern border amid concerns the militant Hezbollah group would fire rockets from Lebanon in revenge for the offensive.

IDF Warns Gaza Residents of Imminent Strikes

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) unveiled new tactics in order to reduce the number of civilian casualties in Gaza. The IDF has dedicated resources calling residents of Gaza of impending strikes giving them a chance to flee before the attack. In some instances, the IDF has used sound bombs to warn civilians before attacks are carried out.

Israel Launches Ground Offensive in Gaza

On Saturday, January 3, Israel launched a ground assault against Gaza on what was the eighth day of its aerial assaults against the seaside strip of desert. Israel’s stated objective for the ground confrontation is to end all rocket attacks. The immediate objective of the ground operations, according to Major Avital Leibovitch, a military spokeswoman, “is to destroy the Hamas terror infrastructure in the area of operations.”

Mofaz Confirms Swap Talks with Hizb’allah

IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Shaul Mofaz confirmed Tuesday that “significant” indirect contacts have been made with Hizb’Allah through German mediators over a prisoner exchange for three kidnapped Israeli soldiers, but played down reports of an imminent deal.

IDF Intercepts Terrorists Inside Northern Border

There has been a marked increase in Palestinian attacks following the premature break-up of peace talks in Taba on Saturday evening, while the IDF managed to intercept an armed Palestinian squad infiltrating from Lebanon, leaving two terrorists dead.

PA Claims IDF Used Nude Woman To Lure Kids To Their Deaths

ICEJ NEWS – 08/15/2001 The leading newspaper of the Palestinian Authority reported on its front page on Monday that “the [Israeli] occupation is using naked women to hunt down intifada youth.” The official PA daily Al-Hayat al-Jadidah claimed that last Friday, during a clash at the Karni Junction in Gaza, a female IDF soldier suddenly appeared on top of a tank. “She started to take off her clothes in front of the demonstrators until she was [nearly] naked. Some of the protesters said they were disgusted by it, while others said the Zionist soldier made rude gestures at them,” the … Read more

IDF Flexes Muscle In Jenin And Bethlehem

Israeli tanks and bulldozers on Monday night rumbled into Jenin, prime breeding grounds for Islamic suicide bombers, in a temporary show of force that furious Palestinian officials branded a “declaration of war.” When the IDF seemed poised to make a similar incursion into the Bethlehem area on Tuesday night to quell incessant gunfire at Jerusalem, it appears PLO chief Yasser Arafat was pressured into ordering his Tanzim militia to cease fire.

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