Hungary’s Orban Warns Of Decade Of War And Attacks Against Christians

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy

BUDAPEST (Worthy News) – Hungary’s Parliament approved the new government’s structure Tuesday after re-elected Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned of “a decade of ” in which the European Union tries to obliterate Christianity.

“Brussels [where the is based] is abusing its powers every day and trying to force bad and foreign things upon us,” the nationalist right-wing leader said before the vote.

Orbán noted “gender madness” as “liberal ” was presiding over “a suicide wave” which “obliterated Christianity and nation-states without putting anything in their place.” He pledged that Hungary would defend “the preaching of the Gospel” while supporting church hospitals, nursing homes, and schools.

He defended Hungary’s recent decision not to allow gender, , and homosexual information to be taught to minors in schools and elsewhere, despite EU criticism.

Orbán also clarified that Hungary “was right” not to accept a massive influx of mainly Muslim migrants. He accused the media of serving the interests of liberal U.S. billionaire George Soros.

Orbán accused Brussels of seeking a “massive European population exchange program” to replace “European children with adults and migrants from other civilizations.” However, he warned: “We won’t allow migrants in, and we’ll protect our families, and we won’t allow gender activists into our schools.”’


The prime minister said Brussels wants to “crush the sovereignty of member states” by building “a new European empire” instead of a Europe of nations.

He added that the cultural distance between western Europe and Hungary was growing. Hungary, Orbán claimed, “believed in the foundations of Christian civilization in Europe while Brussels abandoned this belief.”

Yet the prime minister stressed it was “in Hungary’s interest” to remain a member of the lucrative EU “in the next decade,” suggesting a possible exit of the 27-nation bloc in the future.

It comes while Hungary faces EU sanctions over the government’s perceived rule-of-law violations, including threats to the independence of the judiciary as well as massive corruption.

Orbán’s government has also come under EU fire over the closure of independent media and pressure on journalists, as well as its hard stance towards migration and gender issues.

Additionally, Hungary refused to approve an EU-wide ban against Russia, citing its Russian energy needs or the seizing of assets of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill.


Orbán explained that his government would not deliver weapons to neighboring to help Ukraine fight the invading Russian army.

He said whoever transported weapons had “one foot in the war already.” “We stand for peace,” he said, adding that “war destroys” while “peace builds.” “So we want an immediate and .”

He cautioned that the war in Hungary’s neighborhood was likely “to be protracted” and involve an amount of weaponry that would be “hard to fathom,” posing a threat to the country.

The prime minister said whoever transported weapons had “one foot in the war already.” “We stand for peace,” as “war destroys” while “peace builds.” Hungary wants “an immediate ceasefire and peace talks,” the prime minister said.

Not everyone was enthusiastic about his inaugural speech, and several opposition politicians walked out of the room when he began to speak.

Yet the president of the EU’s executive European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, congratulated him on his recent election victory, saying she hopes to cooperate with him as the European continent faces upheaval.

Orbán’s Fidesz party won a two-thirds parliamentary majority in April. The 58-year-old has been ruling the nation since 2010. On Tuesday, the Parliament voted to accept 11 ministries of Orban’s restructured Cabinet.

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