Big Names Endorse The Evidence Bible

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BELLFLOWER, CA (ANS) — Josh McDowell, Franklin Graham, Dr. D. James Kennedy, as well as a number of other well-known Christian leaders, have put their names to a unique new Bible — one that has been designed to counterattack the unprecedented rise in godless skepticism in the contemporary secular world.

After nearly two years of work and more than two decades of research, author Ray Comfort has pulled together, The Evidence Bible, which not only teaches the reader how to show the absurdity of evolution, but it shows how to prove God’s existence–without the use of faith.

Comfort maintains, “Most Christians are not aware that the Scriptures contain a wealth of incredible scientific and medical facts, written thousands of years ago — proving beyond a doubt that the Bible is supernatural in origin. Nor do they know how to answer questions such as Where did Cain get his wife? Who made God? Why is there suffering? etc. The Evidence Bible teaches how to do that as well as answering one hundred most commonly asked questions about God and the Christian faith. It is full of fascinating quotes from Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, Stephen Hawking, and many other well-known scientists. It instructs how to answer those who point to so-called contradictions in the Scriptures.”

James D. Stambaugh, the director of the Billy Graham Center Museum said of the Bible, “Clearly the Holy Spirit led you as you brought this wonderful document together. I could not be more impressed or my heart more warmed. It is like having a loving mature Christian elder standing by your shoulder as you read the Scriptures. It is exactly what is needed in our time.”

Comfort said that he was delighted when Bridge-Logos Publishers asked him to do the Bible. “I’m excited about this publication, because it isn’t merely full of my own thoughts, it is packed with the combined wisdom of Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, John Wesley, Charles Finney, George Whitefield, Billy Graham, Dr. Bill Bright, John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul, and many others. I have never heard of any Bible that contains as much information on prophecy, apologetics, and principles of evangelism. This Bible would amaze the Queen of Sheba–after she had visited Solomon. There are pages of fearful last words of famous people who died without the Savior. It shows how archaeology and history attest to the reliability of Scripture. It contains an offer of $250,000 for anyone who can provide any scientific proof for evolution. It is the evolutionist’s nightmare. It also teaches how to speak with a Mormon, a Jehovah’s Witness, a Buddhist, a Hindu and a Moslem. It even explains how to fight the fear of man, depression, panic attacks and other things that can paralyze the Christian from working for the Kingdom of God.”

Dr. Woodrow Kroll, the President of Back to the Bible called it “a Bible with sneakers on that can run you through life.”

One unique feature of the publication is that all of its material is copyright free, and it’s also available through a web site called This means that anyone, without charge, can cut and paste any of its vast resource material and send it to a friend or someone with whom they are sharing their faith.

Bridge-Logos Publishers are also releasing a companion to The Evidence Bible called The Evidence for Kids. This book has been designed to teach children about the folly of evolution and atheism in a language they can understand. Comfort, who also wrote this fully illustrated publication said, “Statistics reveal that ninety percent of Americans believe in the existence of God. However, in Ivy League Universities, the figure slumps down to seventy-six percent who believe in a Creator–it is clearly evident that the secular educational system is creating professing atheists. That’s why The Evidence for Kids is so important. It teaches children how to prove God’s existence, how unscientific evolution is, before they get brainwashed by the godless educational system. This book not only does that, but it shows them that there are many scientific, medical, and prophetic facts in Scripture that prove beyond a doubt that the Bible is supernatural in origin…all in a language they can understand.” There are plans to have the book made into a cartoon video. Both books are available through Christian bookstores.

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